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February 17, 2018

Yeah Jam Fury – Free Demo and Stage Builder Contest

u me everybody

Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! by McLeodGaming launched late last year featuring over 100 levels and a lot of explosive personality. This follow up of their 2012 game of the same name was originally to be released on Steam and Wii U, but YJF is currently only available on Steam.

The player must switch between three personalities – Yeah, Jam, and Fury – to navigate platform levels filled with puzzles and over-enthusiastic trash talk.

I also hear there are mangoes. I fucking love mangoes.

Don’t have the game? Don’t worry. A demo version of the game, available via the website, features 10 curated stages and slots for a player to make five custom stages. allowing everyone to participate in the contest and submit their best for judgement.

Here are the brackets players can win in:

– Yeah League: For Artistry and Aesthetic
– Jam League: For Athleticism and Reactive Skill
– Fury League: For Puzzles and Thinking Challenges

Players will have one month to submit their stages for judges to look over. In addition to the above, they’ll get points for creativity and originality. The three winners will be announced just after Easter and receive:

– $100 (or International equivalent) Amazon eGift Card
– A Steam Key for Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!
– Copies of both Soundtracks
– A digital copy of a very high resolution realistic Mango poster
– (If you’re in the US) A physical copy of that same poster

Players can find the submission rules on the McLeod gaming website.

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