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February 19, 2018

Looney Rally Released…and It’s Interesting

I’m already not a huge fan of racing games – with the exception of Need for Speed Most Wanted – and this one is no exception.

The latest game of the Bulgarian game developer company BeshevGames, Looney Rally, is out now on Steam with a 40% discount.

BeshevGames said: “-I wanted to make a small game, which will remind the player of the good old small racing games but, at the same time, with a bit of modern feel to it. Did I succeed? Only players will tell.”

In Looney Rally the player sits behind the steering wheel of a race car, buggy or truck to fight for the first place against ambitious AI drivers.

I can understand the want to make a game without all of the bells and whistles, but what’s my purpose? What’s the point? Why is there so much rubber burning? How haven’t the brakes given out yet?

Originally created for the much more suitable mobile platform, Looney Rally is on sale for $1.79 on Steam and a normal price of $3 making it neither an investment in time nor money. As a prototype or even an engine for something more ambitious could have potential, but as a standalone I find Looney Rally to be far from impressive. Either way, to waste an hour doesn’t cost that much so go check it out.

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