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February 22, 2018

Solve Mysteries and Get Exercise in Recently Released AR Game

Unforgivable: Eliza, by award winning studio Toli, recently released on iOS and Android. Explore popular cities using the built in pedometer to complete missions. AR and GPS technology make this game possible (Pokemon GO what have you done to us!)

As a detective in New York City, Danny rises through the ranks to third-grade detective in the New York Police Department. Danny’s grandfather is remembered for being a democracy activist for Taiwan and resisting the rule of the KMT regime during the martial era period. He is also remembered for being one of the last of the victims to be murdered by the regime. The only thing left from his grandfather is a piece of paper that read, “Eliza“.

At a press conference, Danny tells the reporters that one reason he became a detective was because his grandfather was murdered. Two days later, he receives a curious call from Naomi Oshiro. She says that her mother is the witness of his grandfather’s death…

There are many cities available. All of them located within the US and Asia.

New York
San Francisco
Los Angeles
*Hong Kong*

Don’t have the funds to go traveling the world to beat your mobile game? In app purchased tickets can help you unlock other cities making the ability to beat Unforgivable: Eliza beatable in one city. Currency to purchase tickets can be earned by walking or using real money.

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