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March 1, 2018

AbleGamers Train Jam 2018 Sponsored Winners Journey to GDC

Guys. There’s a competition where you can make a game on a train. It’s called Train Jam and I think it’s my new life goal.

Train Jam, which was founded in 2013 by video game developer Adriel Wallick, inspires developers from diverse backgrounds and cultures to go beyond their comfort zones and let their creativity flourish outside of a regular office or home environment. Some of the industry’s best developers and promising game design students gather each year to show off their game development chops in this unique, three-day picturesque journey by rail across the country, where participants have 52 hours to conceptualize and create a video game that best represents a designated game jam theme.

The three participants selected to receive the AbleGamers Train Jam 2018 sponsorship are:

Harrison Isadore Barton – A graduate from DigiPen Institute of Technology with multiple student awards, Harrison is a game and narrative designer who enjoys working on projects with a focus on storytelling, character diversity, and the portrayal of serious themes such as activism. He has worked extensively with both the Unity and Unreal game engines.

Rae Michelle Richards – Published Android developer and veteran games journalist, visit 2GameAndroid for more cool android apps and games! Rae has worked on multiple self-funded games and hopes to dedicate more time to similar passion projects via her attendance to Train Jam.

Jade Hall-Smith – Passionate about disability accessibility, Jade is a student who develops her own games that are not only accessible but designed to bring awareness about disabilities and mental health. She has advocated for gaming accessibility at conferences and represents multiple student disability groups.

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