Typoman Prologue Walkthrough (Video and Text)

This is a Prologue walkthrough for Typoman by Brainseed Factory. Typoman is available on Steam and on the Nintendo Switch.


  • Roll along and drop through the gap labeled DR P
  • When you get to PLANK, roll into it a few times until it falls over
  • You’ll receive your body after this
  • Hop to the PLATFORM and hop all the way to the right side
  • You’ll get your legs at the top
  • Run to the second PLATFORM and to the right
  • Jump off of the cliff and you’ll find one of your arms under SAVE
  • Climb up the ladder and to the left you can get a QUOTATION
  • The tutorial after this goes over how to manipulate letters. Simple version is: Hold RT to move the letters. Press B  to pick up and drop letters. Press RT while holding the letter to throw the letter.
  • Pull the LEVER to lower the GATE
  • You’ll try to get your second arm, but a dark creature takes it first
  • Move the O in MOVE to the N by the PLATFORM to create ON. This will raise the You’ll need to rush to the platform before it’s out of reach or you can remove the O break the connection and try again.
  • Once you past TRUST, a DOOM monster comes to chase you. Climb over and through RUN and down the cliff.
  • Move the O all the way to the end until it creates Hurry up the ladder and through the GATE that you just opened.
  • You’ll reach a few words that spell out CRAFT NEW WORDS. Push NEW and WORDS together and craft the word
  • Swing through the word GRAB, You’ll want to create your own momentum by moving left and right.
  • Climb down the cliff and jump to the ladder to get the T
  • Throw the T back down to the ledge with the UNR and create the word This will lower the upper ladder.
  • Go all the way up the ladder and head to the right when the ladder breaks apart. This will cause a branch to fall giving you access to the highest ladder where you can get a Go back to the ledge where the branch broke to continue
  • You’ll come to another LEVER with a CHOP Get close enough to the machine that the blade is triggered. Use the LEVER to reset the blade and run through while the blade is being raised.
  • At the bottom of the cliff, another DOOM creature will start chasing you. Run away and hit the LEVERS to lower the GATES
  • More creatures will follow, but the weird bird thing will save you.

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