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March 10, 2018

Typoman Chapter 1 Walkthrough (Video and Text)

brainseed factory

This is a Chapter One walkthrough for Typoman by Brainseed Factory. Typoman is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Chapter One

  • You’ll fall down a cliff after the cutscene and you’ll see a P and Move all of them towards the GATE and create the word OPEN. This will wake up the Gorged.
  • You won’t need to worry about the Gorged this time around, but it will jump up after you’ve passed it.
  • Go up the ladder and climb up the wooden platforms to get a QUOTATION
  • Go back down and you’ll find another Gorged. For some reason – I assume because the D in the name isn’t lit up, bu you have to feed them D’s.
  • Swing across FEED and once you grab the D it’ll fall off and you can throw that to the Godged who will fall asleep.
  • Grab the N on the other side and create ON to open the
  • The next parts are GAS and they’re super annoying. This first one is easy, you’ll just need to quickly navigate to fresh air.
  • You’ll come to a SPANS and SNAPS Jump into SPANS when it’ll still expanding but close enough to jump on and run quickly across to the other side.
  • At the next puzzle, take the O in the cart and make
  • Go up the ladder and create You’ll see the SPANS/SNAPS under it go and break the connection when SPANS is fully extended to freeze it.
  • Time your first jump right after the second SPANS/SNAPS snaps and spins so by the time you get to it, it is still expanding.
  • CRUSH is simply running when it is opening and making it through before it crashes back down.
  • At the next puzzle, you’ll see the word Hop on top of the word and wait for the platform to come by and hop on to get a QUOTATION.
  • Go back to the word PRAISE and create RAISE to raise the wooden elevator by the
  • Take the P with you to navigate the GAS
  • Make GASP in each of the GAS pockets to reset your breathing. Grab the QUOTATION and go use GASP again before you use the LEVER to raise the
  • The next part will be a HATE Just jump over him and navigate the CRUSH obstacle to continue.
  • At the next obstacle, create DOWN to lower the platform and then CUT to get the P
  • Create UP on the platform because you will need the P for the next part.
  • Take the P and navigate like you did the first GAS area by creating
  • There’s a HATE demon in the next part and you’ll need to jump on him to get up on the platform.
  • Swing through SAD – You’re going to have to get a lot of momentum to jump from the A to the top of the cliff
  • This GAS part is easy, just run through.
  • At the lake, create TURN to lower the ladder. Climb all the way up to the top to get a QUOTATION
  • Go back to the middle platform and free the D which you will be able to jump onto and swing to the second
  • Swing the D to the RAIN it will drain the lake. You must move quickly because it is only temporary.
  • The next part is sort of complicated, but can totally be completed by luck and chance. The levers basically control the lasers and the doors.
    • Go in the middle bottom and come out on the middle top – pull LEVER
    • Go in the left bottom and come out right top. Drop to the right bottom and pull LEVER
    • Go in the right bottom and come out left top. Jump and grab the C and take it to the bottom. Leave it to the left of the middle bottom. Go in the left bottom.
    • Come out right top and jump down to right bottom. Pull LEVER
    • Go down right bottom and come out left top. Jump down and grab the C. Take it with you down middle bottom and come out middle top. Drop the C with the other letters.
    • Go down right bottom and come out left top. Go down middle bottom and come out middle top. Pull LEVER
    • Go down right bottom and come out left top. Go down left bottom and come out right top. Grab the P and take it down. Pull
    • Throw the P to the other side of the gap right next to the door. Pull LEVER
    • Hop over the gap and create ESCAPE
  • After the cutscene, you’ll be introduced to the shielding words. Any word that can be synonymous to good or being a hero will shield you in some way. The first word we see is You’ll get pricked in the beginning, but step into the shield and it will cure you.
  • The pricks will make everything blurry before finally killing you, but usually the letters are together and easy to find. The next word is FAITH. You’ll just need to push the letters together to create a shield.
  • Push FAITH down the path to keep you shielded from the other pricks. Be careful not to hit the laser as there is a prick right there and you’ll die before you can put the word together again.
  • Right after the laser is a Gorged. You can heal yourself right after you get pricked by stepping back in the shield.
  • Push the DSA into the Gorged and the D will cause it to fall asleep. If you haven’t healed yourself yet or you get pricked again, just step back into the FAITH shield and you will be fine. There is a short amount of time after attacking the pricks will not attack you, so use that timing to your advantage. You can also push the SA across the Gorged and create
  • After the laser, there’s another prick. Quickly create GOOD for a shield to heal you.
  • Push GOOD until you can’t go any further with it and climb over the mushrooms. You’ll get pricked during this part, but there’s a little bit of shield on the other side of the mushrooms that you can use to heal. Quickly head up the ladder.
  • You’ll come to TRUST which you’ll want to push as far to the right as possible without touching
  • Rearrange TLI into ILT and push it as far right as you can go. You’ll probably get pricked during this part, just step back into the TRUST
  • If you weren’t pricked, you’ll want to get pricked so you can take advantage of the time when it doesn’t attack.
  • Take the T from the end of TRUST and create TILT which will cause the ROTOR to spin. Take the T from TILT when ROTOR is at a nice upwards slope where you can climb up to the next part.
  • I pushed TRUS into TILT and then used the popup to create TRUST This caused TRUST to be on the right side where I could push the shield all the way to the end. Going up the ROTOR, you will get pricked. Your other option is to create LOVE at the top to heal yourself.
  • You’ll get pricked after the laser, so run back to LOVE to heal and then continue down.
  • Continue past FREE and a FEAR demon will appear. Push CUT together to cut through the vines and go up the hill. There is no way to avoid getting pricked from the demon.
  • The next part is just jumping through the air. The letters will appear when you have jumped, so don’t worry about falling.

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