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March 10, 2018

Typoman Chapter 2 Walkthrough (Video and Text)

brainseed factory

This is a Chapter Two walkthrough for Typoman by Brainseed Factory. Typoman is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Chapter Two

  • Once the elevator gets to the top, wait for it to go back down and you can jump on top of it. Jump over the gap in the middle and go to the left when it comes back up to get a QUOTATION
  • Continue on the path and you’ll come to a PLATFORM with a bunch of things that can kill you and letters.
  • Create SEPARATE (I’ve also been told you can use WIDER) to push the two blocks apart.
  • Create STOP to stop the crush machine, but you’ll have to time it so that there is a wide enough passage for you to get to the LEVER
  • When you pull the LEVER, the laser above the PLATFORM will go away for a short amount of time. You’ll need to get above the laser before the laser comes back.
  • As soon as you pull the LEVER, run back to the letters and create Jump on the PLATFORM and run to the right hand side while the letters are being made.
  • At the next puzzle, push MORE and VOTE together and create
  • When the block is out of the way, create MOVE to move the gun to the right as far as it can go.
  • When the gun has stopped moving, the gate will be lowered and you can pull the LEVER lowering the other gate and freeing the gun.
  • Leave the gun for now and move on. The demon at the next part will be a loud and annoying thing. Go back to the gun to defeat it.
  • You’ll just need to raise and lower the gun using the levers so that it aims at the horns. To get the gun to shoot, just jump up into the laser.
  • When the demons is defeated, a LIE will spawn up on the top right platform. It will follow you (they normally don’t) as you go down the path.
  • Pull the LEVER and it will create OPENopening the gap so the LIE can drop down. It will create CLOSE allowing you to get past the gap.
  • The next LIE will turn YES into You will need to rearrange that to ON. This will make the elevator work.
  • If you get off on the left side at the top, you can get a QUOTATION
  • Continue back through the right hand side.
  • The next puzzle you will need to climb up and remove the RE so VOLT is left which will cause the platform to drop. While you’re up there, drop down the
  • Coax the LIE over to LOSS and it will create
  • Move the R to GAIN and create This will get rid of the fire allowing you to cross and get to the ladder.
  • The next part is a little tricky. First, you’ll need to get close enough to PART so that it turns into TRAP but doesn’t kill you. Just run in and run out until the S in USE comes down.
  • Next, take the S and place it approximately at the end of where TRAP lands to create Proq the TRAP by jumping in and out. This may require a few times. If it’s too close, the S will be destroyed, but will respawn back at the USE sign.
  • After the next laser, create Coax the LIE over the edge and then get behind it to direct it up the hill.
  • The LIE will change LIVE (EVIL) into
  • Create DOO and push that into the R to open the
  • At the LEAP OF FAITH jump down
  • Create SOLID and it will break the machine. Jump on top of SOLID so you don’t get crushed.
  • At the flames, don’t use the moving platform. Wait until the flames in the middle stop, jump over the platform and run to the other side.
  • Pull the LEVER to make both doors come down. On your left create LIE and that will take care of the demon that spawned.
  • The demon will turn to LOVE and you can use the O to create ON. Make sure you’re on the elevator when it goes up because it only comes back down when there is no connection.
  • After the next demon sneaks up on you, a DOOM demon will appear. Push together the letters in front of you and rearrange them so it spells
  • Push together the letters right before the laser to create FIRM and it will heal you.
  • This next part is a timed trial. There is a QUOTATION on wooden platforms in the middle. Try and get it on your first time because if you die, you will continue to have it and you won’t need to try to get it again.
  • Run and Jump through the obstacles. The only one that may give you a problem are the DARE swings at the end. You won’t have time to gather momentum, so you’ll need to push your Typoman as far right as possible and then let go. This took me a few times to get the timing right. After this part, you’re in the clear.
  • This next cutscene and your bird fellow dies. It’s kind of sad…maybe. I don’t even know what their purpose is. But anyway…I guess you’re all alone with no one to save you anymore.

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