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March 10, 2018

Typoman Chapter 3 Walkthrough (Video and Text)

brainseed factory

This is a Chapter Three walkthrough for Typoman by Brainseed Factory. Typoman is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Chapter Three

  • You’ll fall on DISASTER and you can create This will fix the platforms ahead of you
  • You’re introduced to disappearing platforms in this chapter, but they give you plenty of time to jump to the next one.
  • You’ll come to the word Push all of the letters into the teleporter until the H goes through and creates HOVER. Use the platform to jump the gap.
  • At the letters, create SOLID and move the letters to the lighted up spots. This will cause the platforms to the right to drop so you can cross.
  • The next part is just platforms and disappearing platforms. Easy peasy
  • At the next board of letters, create a “Good” 4 letter word (LOVE, CARE, DEAR) and move them to the lights. You’ll see the different demons putting bad words into the machine. I’m not sure if there is a time limit, but just do it as fast as possible. Once the machine eats the Good word, it’ll open for you to pass.
  • After the machine, there is a turret so go back to your board of letters and create
  • Push COVER as far right as possible without touching the laser to get past the turret.
  • At the next spot, there are round things that go up and down. If you time your climb, when you get to the top there is a QUOTATION
  • Climb back down to the glass cylinder. You’ll just need to get through as quickly as possible because if you are stuck, you’ll get sucked up into the cylinder and die.
  • This next electrical part is pretty easy. Just time your jumps. You can actually make it through the second and third ones at the same time, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious.
  • When you make it through the first set of electrical parts, there are electric sparks that follow you. You have plenty of time to run away from them and navigate through the second electrical obstacle.
  • The puzzle after that isn’t really hard. It’s all about patience. You go down, across the disappearing platform, right to the small up and down platform, then left to the large up and down platform. Cross the second disappearing platform and continue.
  • If you’re watching the video of this part, my walkthrough is a little annoying. Just follow this to make it as easy as possible. This puzzle probably took the longest for me.
  • At the next letter board, create This will make the numbered platforms crossable.
  • Go back to the board and create Use this to safely make it past the turret. Just push the other letters over the edge to get them out of the way.
  • Cross through the electrical obstacle and disappearing platforms.
  • At the next board, create LIFE to give you a shield. The demons can’t attack you within the bubble.
  • Next, create LIE who will take care of one of the demons. Create another LIE to take care of the other.
  • One of the demons will turn into Use the board to create FF and take the O to create OFF.
  • Create a LIE that will turn OFF into This will turn on the switch to lower the door.
  • At the next part, it’s a little bit of a puzzle. When you go through the first electrical obstacle, stand on the left side of the platform until the spark goes off. For the second and third obstacle, stand on the right side of the platform.
  • At the next board, create SPLIT to open the two stone pillars.
  • Create UP to raise the platform
  • Create SPIN to spin the ROTOR until it is horizontal and you can continue.
  • Be careful not to get squished by the raised platform and go up to another electrical obstacle. Just run through it and you’ll be fine.
  • Drop down and continue over the disappearing platforms and you’ve finally come to the boss level.
  • The board is no on here, you just need to move the O next to the N on the below deck.
  • The boss is actually really easy. It’s all a pattern.
  • You’ll start at the bottom which he will shock and you can just run to the right and climb up to the top level. Run back to the left towards the board and the platform will light up. As soon as the light goes off, jump! And you will avoid being killed. Get to the board and create a “Good” 4 letter word. Ex: LOVE LIFE CARE DEAR
  • The word will be transported to the demon who will lose health. Projectiles will fall from the sky, but there is a gap in between them that you can just run to. Even if you die, you won’t have to start from the beginning, it’ll start you after the last word you created.
  • After the projectiles stop (3-4 rounds) avoid the area by the board and go stand near the left most lit up platform. He will shock the area by the board and the doors will open to the bottom level.
  • You will need to repeat what you just did two more times.
  • After the third Good word is sent to the demon, you’ve there’s a super confusing end cut scene and Congrats! You’ve finished Typoman!

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