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March 13, 2018

Weekend Recap: The Sexy Hack and Slash


Weekends are for gaming. What did you play this weekend?


Bayonetta – Switch

I’ve always been horrible at the hack and slash genre of games. I don’t understand the appeal of button mashing. That being said, I found Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 on sale during the release on Switch and decided to pick it up.

I don’t dislike it. I’m not good at it, but I don’t hate it. My lack of skill was highlighted during one of the first fights when I only died 9 times.

I find the overly sexual nature of your main character too much. It’s actually very confusing. Who is she trying to be sexy for?

It also annoyed me that the witches wore glasses. I wore glasses for years. I still do. There is no black magic in the world that would keep glasses on during a fight. It’s just a minor detail, but I got irritated during every cut-scene.

Bayonetta ported really well onto the Switch. The player has the option of using the touch screen or the controls. Using the controls is easier, but it is fun to use the screen to hack and then slash.

Bingo – iOS

I’m still ashamed to admit I play it. They updated it with more goals for you to complete. Your path looks like its based on what level you are. Anyway, I spent a lot of time playing Bingo.

Radiation Island – Switch

I probably won’t be playing Radiation Island for much longer. It gave me a decent amount of enjoyment while it lasted, but I think I only enjoyed the survival aspect. Now that I have to go around destroying towers, the game has lost it’s appeal.

There’s no emotional motivation to continue the game. I may have spent too long preparing to hunt towers, but at some point, Radiation Island got repetitive and boring.

This isn’t to deter you from playing Radiation Island. There are plenty of men who don’t know what emotional motivation is and I’m sure they would enjoy this game just fine.

If you decide to play Radiation Island, learn from my mistakes and be sure to follow this guide.

Fortnite – PS4

I’ve given up all hope of being good at Fortnite. I think I’m going to switch over to the XO in hopes of a better turn out, but it’ll probably be the same. I’m not sure what it is about Fortnite but I can’t figure out the good strategies. When I think I’ve found a good strategy, somebody else comes up with a better one.

I am so determined to at least make it into the top 5. Will keep you guys posted. Outcome doesn’t look good.

Typoman – PC

A surprisingly short game with no replay value for $12.99 on Steam. Platformer and puzzler meets horror-esque ambience.

You can find the entire walkthrough here. 

It only took a day to finish Typoman. I took a lot of breaks in between so I estimate it only took a few hours. Typoman is fun and challenging, but its didn’t “Wow” me. The puzzles were interesting and unique, but I never got any sort of connection to the hero or the story.

Want to try it out? Typoman is available on Steam and Switch.

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