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March 19, 2018

Weekend Recap: A Failed Caster but A Badass Witch


Weekends are for gaming. What did you play this weekend?

Caster – Elecorn – PC

For a game that got a bunch of positive reviews, I was less than wowed. I played for about half an hour. Spent a lot of that half hour pissed off at the game.

I never pinpointed which part of Caster I didn’t like. I think I was expecting a more visually exciting game that was more than just running around aimlessly. Granted, I didn’t give it much of a chance, but if you can’t grab them in the beginning, what’s going to make them play until the end?

My patience never allowed me to make it past the first couple of levels. Looking at the videos and pictures, I missed the better part of Caster. It really annoys me when a game offers controller support and you find that the game is sub par due to controller error.

Maybe I’ll try it again one day. The videos make it look fun. Until then, Caster is super cheap on Steam if you want to pick it up.

Bayonetta – Platinum Games – Switch

This fucking game is growing on me. Originally, I got it because I wanted something else to play on my Switch. The same holds true except now, I look forward to playing Bayonetta.

The story might be terrible. Scratch that – the story makes no sense at all. But I do get some interesting looks on the subway when I’m smushed between two people frantically button mashing.

I haven’t gotten better, but I have grown to appreciate the dry humor and over the top comical antics. Bayonetta is more strategic than I originally thought. I’ll never get the hang of the combos, but my thumb muscles are something to be reckoned with.

Cool thing I found out about the Switch version: Bayonetta can get different outfits based on what games you have played on your Switch. I’ve tried the Super Mario ones, but the skins sort of glitch. You can run around in a Link costume fighting evil and it’s pretty cool. Each skin comes with a special move. I never figured out how to execute them, but my instinct says they would probably have come in handy.

Banished – Shining Rock Software – PC

Shining RockI’ve talked about Banished before. It’s a great game, why not. I’d put it at top 3 best colony building games out there. No matter how many times I fail (and trust me you will fail), I still want to pick it up and try it again.

I PR-ed with 150 working colonists, 30 students, and 50 children. It’s probably a once in a lifetime thing. Normally, people are dead from starvation by year 20.

It was also the perfect game to have on while also being able to watch the NCAA tournament. It’s the perfect game to have on while you’re doing anything. It’s basically the perfect game. There! I said it.

Banished is available on Steam and I highly recommend that you play it if this is your sort of game.

Bingo – Super8 – iOS

So I’m playing this on 2 different accounts now. I literally play Bingo for like 3 hours a day now. I’ve officially turned into a 60 year old grandma. It’s all downhill from here, folks.

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