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April 3, 2018

Weekend Update: Living My Best Life in the Virtual Life


Weekends are for gaming, unless you have to adult. What did you play this weekend?

Sims 4 – EA – PS4

I don’t think controls have ever made me more frustrated than trying to play Sims 4. I understand it’s made for the PC, but if they couldn’t make it seamless on the console, it shouldn’t have been done.

I definitely shouldn’t have gotten the expansions because I don’t play them. If you’re thinking of picking up Sims 4 on a console, I would recommend just playing the original until you decide whether you like it. The Vampire expansion is just annoying because I have people visiting at all hours of the night. If all of your Sims are sleeping, they may get a vampire who breaks into your house and bites them. I’m not sure who the Vampire expansion is supposed to be fun for, but unless you’re a newly pubescent teenage emo, it’s probably not for you.

City Living and Careers might be better expansions but I’m too invested in my suburban family. There’s also an achievement to complete 20 some generations of Sims and I’m determined to get it.

Update: Anderson has fended for his life twice against the Grim Reaper who, I might add, is a fan of Sierra’s cooking and has stayed for dinner twice. Really sweet guy. I might be inclined to try to marry Isabella off to him.

Bayonetta – Switch

I hate to admit this, but I got to a point where I couldn’t get past Grace and Glory and had to bring the difficulty down. The difference between Easy and Normal is astounding and I haven’t had a single problem since I’ve changed it. There’s one more setting easier than that and I would assume that absolutely no work would need to be done to make it through that play through.

I’m finding that combos respond better on the easier mode and if that’s true, then somebody is fucking up. The whip I’m using now has a special move that it didn’t have on Normal and I’m questioning that programming decision as well. My normal combo (Punch – Punch – Kick- Kick [hair thingy] – Pause – Kick [hair thingy]) isn’t working in the easier mode and it’s making me angry.

I was actually kind of touched when Bayonetta went into motherly mode. For all her explicit behaviors, she took care of the little girl like it’s her own. I have a feeling they’re the same person because of their appearances, but I’m really trying not to spoil the story by looking it up. No promises.

Bioshock Infinite – PS4

Nostalgia hit me and I really wanted to play Bioshock Infinite. I’ve never finished it on 1999 mode but I couldn’t get the cheat code to work on the PlayStation so I decided to play it on hard. Playing on hard was nice because it required actual strategy to beat the more difficult enemies, but I got to a part where all I was doing was dying and I had to bring the difficulty down on this game as well.

In my defense, it was because I couldn’t find any more ammo or salts. I’m not sure what Elizabeth is doing, but keeping me properly stocked is not one of them. I may bring the difficulty back up to finish if I ever get around to it.

Gah, I feel like a gaming failure.

Cook, Serve, Delicious – Mobile

I’ve always liked Cook, Serve, Delicious. It’s one of my favorite restaurant simulation games and I needed a break from Bingo and the constant dying in Bayonetta and Bioshock. It’s such a well crafted game and it works really well on mobile. Creating foods is simply just tapping the screen and I haven’t run into any problems yet.

The only thing I miss from the PC version is learning the fast combos on the keyboard and executing them perfectly and quickly. While I won’t be getting that on the mobile version, it’s still an amazing game and I recommend anyone to try it if you’re into that genre.

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