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July 27, 2012

My Xbox Live – A 360 Gamer’s Dream iPhone App

My Xbox Live iPhone App

My Xbox live iPhone app

I swear that I was searching for something to connect my Xbox Live account to my phone not too long ago and couldn’t find anything. For some reason, I randomly searched again and a few apps that I didn’t know existed popped up. The very first one was called My Xbox Live. I downloaded it immediately and I’m pretty sure that was the happiest moment for me all day.

My Xbox Live, developed by Microsoft themselves, is literally the mobile version of your Dashboard. When you first log in, you’re taken to the home screen that has breaking content, polls, video exclusives, and other really cool goodies for you to browse.

If you go over a page, it takes you to an animated picture of your avatar with the ability to change how your avatar looks right from your phone. Which is great for people like me that must change their look every single day. I actually don’t think I’ve ever changed how my avatar looks, but I’m pretty stoked that now I have the option to in a mobile and pocket sized fashion.

You can also bring up your friends list here which shows current online status for each friend on your list. You can send them messages or view their profiles. Which is something I also never really do, but guess who just started the Xbox Live stalking bandwagon. This girl. Not only can you view your friends profiles, you can also view and change your own as well as your beacons right from within the app.
My Xbox live iPhone app

The next page takes you to your recent games played. I’m not sure how that is beneficial, but I supposed that some people are real into their achievements and you now have the ability to brag on the go. I’m all for bragging on the go, but I’ve played all of 2 games in the past 6 months so maybe I need to step it up a little bit.

The Quick Play page is next and that’s the one that got me really excited. As long as your Xbox 360 is on and connected to the same network as your iPhone, you can control your console straight from your phone. It even has a pop up page with arrow buttons and letter buttons. I’ve been using a wired controller lately so I can’t just carry the thing around wherever I go. Plus, I’m super absent minded so I lose things really easily. Now, if I lose one or the other, I have a back up option to get around on my Xbox. How do I lose a wired controller, you ask? Don’t question me, this is how I justify myself in my head.

My Xbox live iPhone app

I kind of want to see if I can play a game with the controls at some point. There’s no bumper controls that I can see and I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but I have a feeling that the phone controls only work for the Dashboard. I will let you know soon though!

The last page is the Discover page. This is basically just a list of a few movies, games on demand, and albums that you can watch or purchase. When you press one of the options it only gives you the option to play it on your Xbox so I think this is just a place for them to feature certain content. I’m not sure yet if this content is personalized, but they did have Left 4 Dead on demand and that made me real tingly on the inside.

My Xbox live iPhone app

On every page, the messaging icon shows up in the top right hand corner. There are no push notifications for this application yet so you have to just keep checking it. You can read all text based messages but you still have to log onto your xbox to hear any voice messages.

This app is my newest best friend. I don’t know how I lived without being able to keep in touch with my Xbox Live friends who are, arguably, the most important people in my life. What are some iPhone apps you can’t live without?

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