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July 28, 2012

After Effects Title Sequence – After Effects Tutorials by AE Tuts

I decided to get into a little bit of  title sequence making for a few of the videos I was going to do and promptly went to look for some tutorial to help me out a little bit. There were a bunch that I found and since it was my first time using After Effects, I wanted to find something that would walk me through the whole thing.

I found an awesome site called;AE Tuts+. It’s pretty much a whole blog dedicated to tutorials and information to help you learn the Adobe Suite. Gift from heaven, I swear. Most of their After Effects tutorials are free, but they do have a premium version that you can pay for to get sources codes and some of their more advanced tutorials. I would definitely say it’s worth it because you get access to all of the premium tutorials on the site and it’s a very good price.

I ended up picking This Tutorial to Create a Flare and Light Streak Text Reveal.


This is the original:



And this was my outcome:

I’d definiately recommend those guys over at AE Tuts+ . They know what they’re talking about!



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