Best of Zaptoid: July

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Here are the best of Zaptoid during the month of July!

In case you missed it:


Evony Age 2: Beginner’s guide to taking a level 12 Historic City

Evony Age 2 Beginner's Guide to taking a level 12 historic cityv

Evony Age 2 Beginner’s Guide to taking a level 12 historic city


Learn how to take a level 12 Historic City without needing mechs. A guide for both the newest and seasoned veterans of Evony.







Programmer Speak Translations: What programmers say and what they really mean



DISCLAIMER***This is mean to be for humorous purposes only so don’t get your panties in a bunch if you feel the need to get offended by things that may or may not pertain to you. if(you == f*cking idiot troll) { return GTFO and die; }




Why a player owned Atlantis should be attacked and can be conquered in Evony Age 2

Evony Age 2


Thoughts on why the elusive level 18 Historic City is not as hard as you think to take.





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