is beginning to migrate towards a different business plan for generating content on the site. This is due to many reasons, the main one being the overwhelming amount of Triple A titles recently released that not only disappointed, but were downright heartbreaking. Because of this, we’re tossing Plan A and are going head first into Plan B. More details can be read on the News Page.

Who is BiasBear?
@corib3ar | is made up of multiple parts including the BiasBear social media accounts, Youtube, Partnering Youtube accounts, and theMulticast Podcast.

We have a simple purpose of providing a cost effective solution for Independent Developers of games, software, and applications across all platforms to promote their hard work and make it to the next level. This is done through a network of people associated with the site so you can feel confident that your content is being shared with people who care about the genre.

What Makes Different?
We strive to be more than just your everyday video game blogging site. One of our main goals is to build a community of positive gaming by bringing together positive gamers and developers.

When it comes to video game and technology sites, there are 2 extremes. The one side that reports news and reviews on a massive level that is often unemotional and the other which offers a one-sided point of view but connects well with their following. We try to bridge the gap between the 2 while sticking to our #1 priority: Promoting Independent Developers who have fresh ideas that will enhance the future of the gaming community. This is accomplished by keeping up to date with news and trends in the industry and paying attention to what people are saying about it. The questions that arise from that is where the majority of our content comes from.

What is Your Motive?

Our motive is a selfish one. We have a huge problem with the same companies feeding us the same thing for a new price. We believe that promoting fresh, new ideas will not only spark a change, but will allow developers who have an awesome idea to market on a global scale.

We’re not in it for the money. I mean, we want to pay our bills and have a nice car, but money isn’t our final goal. We were founded on the basis of bringing together a few successful entities under one umbrella and, by cross promotion, build each other up. In the end, we’re all a community and if the whole community moves forward, the result is exponentially positive for everyone involved.

How is This Accomplished?

The majority of our revenue comes from ads. By advertising directly with us, you can be assured that only the people interested in what you’re offering sees the ad. During our promotional seasons, we also through in featured spots and other cool things to help you while you’re helping us achieve our goal of being independently monetized.

We can’t promise you that you’ll get a million buyers or that you’ll skyrocket to the #1 game. What we can promise is that you’ll receive positive support and ongoing promotion from a team of people who understand what it’s like to work for a dream.

We also aren’t going to force you to register with the site or promote everything we do. We take the time to search through the clutter that gaming marketplaces can become and find the games that make us happy. You’ve done all the hard work, let us help you out.

With that being said, that doesn’t limit the people we reach out to as our advertising partners. If you think you would do well, contact through our Advertisement page.

Where Does the Money Go? 

Our #1 priority is to be as effective as possible for you, the developer. This means that we have to build ourselves up while also building your loyal following. A huge percentage of revenue goes towards giveaways, contests, and prizes. The rest of the funds go towards covering our overhead costs and planning for the future. If you are curious about where your payment is going, feel free to contact us at anytime and we won’t hesitate to answer for you.