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I’ve temporarily taken down the article deadlines on my calendar so I can give serious thought to how much time should be allotted for the specific tasks I need to accomplish. I felt like I was pushing back deadlines, due to personal emergencies or random things that come up in life, and it wasn’t fair to the people that rely on it. I will have the calendar back up as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for understanding.

Current Goals:
Be a presence at PAX Prime
Migrate towards heavy promotion and reporting of Indie Dev and Games
Possible presence at E3

05.18.13 – Article Deadlines temporarily taken down. See note above.
05.10.13 – Article Deadlines rescheduled due to personal emergency. See Calendar. Use the Contact Page for more info.
05.09.13 – Article Deadlines Rescheduled – See Calendar
05.07.13 – Article/Podcast Calendar added to the News Page
04.21.13 – has decided to move in a new direction per the following:

  • Migrate our content focus to be heavily impacted by Independent Developers. This is influenced by our awareness of the disrespectful and money hungry attitudes of corporate game developers.
  • Implement a cross-promotion of each entity of through all social and public applications at our disposal.
  • Regularly reach out to the future voices of the tech and gaming industry and make sure they are heard
  • Actively seeking out leads to allow to become an independent monetized site

04.21.13 – Updated About Page
04.21.13 – Creation of News and Updates Page