You’re busy. I’m surprised you have time to read this. But you’ll be happy you did by the end.

From getting votes on Steam Greenlight, to answering emails, to setting up crowd funding campaigns-All of the extra time taken to do these tasks is time taken away from you developing your game. What we’re here to do is temporarily take a little pressure from you, the developer, while not breaking your bank before you’re rich and famous. Can’t make any promises after you’re rich and famous, though.



Social Media

You’re nobody without Social Media and we’re here to help you execute and manage the perfect strategy for building a true following.

Press Interaction

We have contacts for the most influential media to casual bloggers and we will make sure every single one hears about what you have to offer

Website Set-Up and Management

Having your own space on the internet is one of the most important parts of successfully marketing yourself.

Video Production

Whether it’s a game play trailer or video walk throughs, we have the know-how and resources to produce the next YouTube hit.

Event Marketing, Design, Management, Planning, and Execution

We stay up to date with the biggest expo’s and conventions. We can help you plan, design, and execute your next big event.


From writing your Crowdfunding campaign to press releases or even mock reviews, we know how to grab your audience’s attention.

Paperwork and Other Boring Tasks

Think of us as your own temp agency. We’ve helped monitor Greenlight campaigns, organize crowdfunding rewards, and submitted paperwork for leasing agreements. Whatever it is that you need a little extra help with, we’re here to cover that.