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Crowdfunding Spotlight-Perception, Light Fall, Through the Woods

  This time around, my Kickstarter Spotlight is super horror based. Which is weird because I can’t do horror games and I probably won’t play them. Doesn’t mean they don’t look like great games and I won’t promote them, but seriously, these are a little terrifying. Perception by Deep End Games Triggering your senses is […] Mobile Apps

aNote – Awesome is an Understatement

Awesome Note – Organize your Life aNote – or Awesome Note as they like to call it – is the ultimate in phone productivity. It’s easily one of my most used apps just because it has the features of a calendar, notepad, shopping list, and to do list meshed together in a simple, yet attractive […]

theMulticast podcast theMulticast

[PodCast] theMulticast: Sony Playstation 4 Conference @themultitap

@corib3ar joins us today on theMulticast! Just the cynic we need to break down the Playstation 4 conference. Looks like it’s that time again. A new console is here to wow us and boy does it fail. theMulticast is not buying what Sony is selling right now. On today’s show we go through the conference […]

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The Pantech Discover Vs. The Sony Xperia TL – Two Sleek, Sexy And Cool Phones

Of course, coolness is a factor when you’re looking into buying a new mobile phone. We all want cool phones that look good on our desks and impress our friends. But we have to look at other things as well. For example, today’s two phone picks are both equally attractive. We’re looking at the Pantech […]

themulticast theMulticast

[PodCast] theMulticast: Bungie’s Destiny. Why the Hype? @themultitap

Bungie’s Destiny. Why the Hype?   Today on the show we have @flygirlgamers and @mattshotcha on the panel. Prepare for your weekly Spartan Ops update with Digital Distraction as she lets you know if it is still worth keeping up with. Finish the fight…Again. Also, Matt is hungover and wired. To be expected as he […]

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If Overwatch was a Fighting Game [Video]

Posted  February 16, 2018  by  corib3ar

Given my incredibly unimpressive history at playing fighting games, I’m probably better off just playing it normally. Either way, this was a great job done by TGN. Until February 20th, 2018 you can play Overwatch during their Free Weekend!

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Zaptoid Guest Post
Mobile Device Reviews

A Review Of The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Posted  February 23, 2013  by  corib3ar

What’s the overall opinion of the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2?  Essentially, it is a great phone for people on a budget.  It offers everything you could possibly need, it has a fast dual-core processor chip and the camera is not bad at all.  However, if you were to purchase it as a SIM-free phone, it […]

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The Surge – Stronger, Faster, Tougher

Posted  March 17, 2017  by  corib3ar

A new trailer has been released for The Surge (by Deck13) showcasing Man Vs Robot  – or maybe Cyberman Vs Robot. This robot uprise/dystopian future thing is an oddly reoccurring theme this year. Foreshadowing, perhaps? Says our more pessimistic side. His wrinkles are legit. It’s probably one of the most realistic animated humans I’ve ever […]

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Shining Rock

July Feature-Banished

Posted  July 3, 2014  by  corib3ar

My second game of the month is Banished by Shining Rock Software. Rumor has it that Banished was developed by one person. Rumor was not lying. Huge kudos to the guy that got this gem right. I appreciate a good simulation and city building game. An intelligent one is hard to come by. One that […]

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Tap to start. Photosynth is the best panoramic camera app out there
Mobile Apps

Photosynth – Your iPhone Camera’s Best Friend

Posted  October 6, 2012  by  corib3ar

Photosynth (By Microsoft) is my most favorite iPhone camera app ever. This free app is the simplest way to take stunning panoramic pictures. All you do is tap to start, and slowly move your camera up, down, left, and right, until everything you want in the picture has been taken. Photosynth stitches all of your pictures […]

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[YTube Podcast] Why You Should Play Retro Games with Retro Magazine

Posted  February 4, 2014  by  Basher

Order your subscription to Retro Magazine now! Welcome Mike Kennedy to the show. He is the publisher of Retro Magazine. Retro Magazine is a videogame magazine that focuses on the smaller titles and retro inspired games. Talking to Mike is like taking a class in old school gaming. We take a look back in history […]

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Squatting Penguin Studios

The Mims Beginning-Lovable Colony Building With a Side of Adventure

Posted  May 16, 2013  by  corib3ar

The Mims Beginning is currently being voted for on Steam Greenlight! Click here to visit their page and support this game. The Mims Beginning started off as an idea for a strategy game and evolved into a beautiful world with a beautiful story. You play a God-like caretaker of a colony of creatures called Mims […]

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