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By corib3ar On 13 Mar, 2018 At 09:04 AM | Categorized As Featured, PC Games, PS4, Switch | With Comments Off on Weekend Recap: The Sexy Hack and Slash

Weekends are for gaming. What did you play this weekend?   Bayonetta – Switch I’ve always been horrible at the hack and slash genre of games. I don’t understand the appeal of button mashing. That being said, I found Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 on sale during the release on Switch and decided to pick it […]

By corib3ar On 29 May, 2015 At 11:05 AM | Categorized As Featured, Games, PC Games, Power the Indie, Reviews | With Comments Off on Review: Toren

  I don’t normally wait this long after finishing a game to write a review. I like my thoughts to be fresh and I think my gut instinct about a game is the most honest. With Toren, I found it hard to trust what I was feeling because it felt like a good game. I’m […]

Humble Hearts

I’m a couple of days behind, but still hanging in there, and that’s what matters. Today I’m playing, Dust: An Elysian Tail by Humble Hearts. I don’t usually play platformers because they tend to be on the boring side for me, but Dust takes a couple of steps out of the box and turns a […]

Starbreeze Studios

There was a lot of thought put into what game I would play first in my month-long quest to die of exhaustion. In the end, I chose to start with Brothers-A Tale of Two Sons. I’m not sure why, but it wasn’t hard to pick this game. Something about it made me want to talk […]

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Fictiorama Studios

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today has less than 5 days left on Kickstarter while still being $15,000 short of their goal. Even with over 1,000 people backing their cause, it looks like Fictiorama Studios might be facing a huge disappointment unless they can get support for their higher tiered pledges. Interested, but not sure? Dead […]

By corib3ar On 10 Feb, 2014 At 03:57 AM | Categorized As Games, PC Games, Walk Throughs | With No Comments
Broken Age

In the last part, Shay waited too long to leave and things have gone wrong. He’s lost control of the ship’s cargo boom arms, the shields are up, and he has to get to Prima Doom. Lowering the Shields This time, use the door to the left instead of the vent. You’ll pass by where […]

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Broken Age

After meeting the wolf, he gives you a weird key slash screw thing. When he leaves, you’ll get transported back to your bed with all of your missions canceled. Get out of bed and walk to the right. There is a sign that says “Until Further Notice”. Next to that, there is a yellow container […]

By corib3ar On 9 Feb, 2014 At 09:12 AM | Categorized As Games, PC Games, Walk Throughs | With No Comments
Broken Age

Shay is stuck on a spaceship, watched by an overly protective computer mom. I’m not sure if he just got on the ship or what happened (nor do I care at this point), but he seems excited to be there. That changes as he finds out what the missions are. Saving the avalanche victims Use […]

By corib3ar On 6 Feb, 2014 At 03:55 PM | Categorized As Games, Walk Throughs | With No Comments
Broken Age

Broken Age Act 1 Walkthrough for Vella: How to escape Meriloft-The city in the clouds After escaping the Maiden’s Feast, you land in a city built in the sky. Talk to the father and son in the middle of the area. They’re freakin crazy. You find out that somebody lost Jessie’s egg and she was […]