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Awesome Note – Organize your Life aNote – or Awesome Note as they like to call it – is the ultimate in phone productivity. It’s easily one of my most used apps just because it has the features of a calendar, notepad, shopping list, and to do list meshed together in a simple, yet attractive […]

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The wait is over and the Evasi0n has released their iOS 6.x jailbreak for the iPhone and iPad. We no longer have to conform to Apple’s strict rules and can customize our device at will. Performing the jailbreak is very simple. All you need is a computer with Linux, Mac OS, or Windows. Download the […]

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Chillingo LTD

Pixel People Pixel People by Chillingo Ltd is one of those games that is highly addicting, but you have no idea why. Pixel People seems to be a clash of Tiny Tower and Minecraft with the annoying ability to force you to stare at  your iPhone for hours because you just can’t stop hitting the […]

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Tap to start. Photosynth is the best panoramic camera app out there

Photosynth (By Microsoft) is my most favorite iPhone camera app ever. This free app is the simplest way to take stunning panoramic pictures. All you do is tap to start, and slowly move your camera up, down, left, and right, until everything you want in the picture has been taken. Photosynth stitches all of your pictures […]

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Pocket Minions (available on the Apple App Store)is the  kind of game that irritates me. It was OK at first. The first tower I built was decent. The instructions were easy to follow and it made sense. Each room has a purpose and each minion that produces an item has the option of producing 3 different […]

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SMS Ninja Featured Image

Click here for the iOS 6 alternative to SMS Ninja that also blocks iMessage!   SMS Ninja is one of my new favorite apps. This application gives you the ability to white list, black list, and private list your texts and phone calls. This app is good for either those prone to cheating in a […]

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My Xbox Live iPhone App I swear that I was searching for something to connect my Xbox Live account to my phone not too long ago and couldn’t find anything. For some reason, I randomly searched again and a few apps that I didn’t know existed popped up. The very first one was called My […]

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10 Best iPhone Games that Don’t Make Sense [dropcap]I[/dropcap] love playing iPhone games. It’s the perfect distraction when I have to wait in lines, when I’m stuck in traffic, or when I don’t want to talk to someone and I can pretend on be busy answering an email. It’s so much easier to check out […]

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  I mentioned breifly in a previous post about the Cydia marketplace. This is the market that comes installed when you jailbreak an iPhone. It’s a pretty cool addition and definitely worth it if you’re willing to jailbreak your device. Keep in mind, that jailbreaking your iPhone does void it’s warranty, but if anything happens […]