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Bacon Man

Lard Lass is my spirit animal. Release date set at March 8th, 2018 for PC. Following releases also include Mac and Xbox One. Features Tougher than nails platforming – in air, or on foot – using the patented Bacon Control System™ 2 player couch co-op. Play as 4 unique characters, each with their own playstyle. […]

Upper One Games

Just when you think that platformers aren’t going to get any better, one comes along that questions your judgement. Never Alone, by Upper One Games, is one of those. Education in games is all or nothing. Either a game is going to teach you something or absolutely nothing. I loved the way that Never Alone gave […]


Winterflame: The Other Side | Artoncode If you like beautiful puzzle games and platformers, this one is for you (even if you don’t you should probably check it out anyway) Based out of Jakarta, Indonesia, this ambitious project has already won awards and caught the attention of over 100 backers. I would have liked to […]

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Eko Software

I feel like I’ve fried my brain too much to enjoy puzzle games, but I’ve decided to try one out anyway. Today, I am playing Storm by Eko Software. I actually played Storm back when it came out on Steam in 2013, but couldn’t exactly figure out what to do. I decided to start it […]

Humble Hearts

I’m a couple of days behind, but still hanging in there, and that’s what matters. Today I’m playing, Dust: An Elysian Tail by Humble Hearts. I don’t usually play platformers because they tend to be on the boring side for me, but Dust takes a couple of steps out of the box and turns a […]

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Today we are playing Element4l by i-illusions. Element4l is described by the developer as an immersive and experimental platform game. I describe it as a hot mess. Element4l is meant to be a hard game. I take that back. I believe the phrase was “you are going to struggle”. I don’t want to struggle in […]

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Scientifically Proven

Blood of the Werewolf has come a long way since we talked to Than a few month ago on theMulticast. From a short demo, to being shown at PAX, to their very own sale at For a limited time you can pre-order Blood of the Werewolf for $5-half off the original price. Don’t forget to […]