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On this week’s episode of theMulticast, we kill things violently, take down Verdun, and welcome our new best friend Erik Asmussen of 82apps. Playing indie games is not all sunshine and lollipops. We cover a few good ones and one bad one. To no one’s surprise, Corib3ar brings with her yet another way to kill […]

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GTA5 Logo

Another Game of the Year contender bites the dust on this week’s episode of theMulticast. Why does Grand Theft Auto not feel like the blockbuster event it once was? Either something is missing or not enough is changing. Whatever the reason may be, two of our podcasters today are not feeling the hype. Luckily, we […]


For today’s podcast we all had the better idea to not drink ourselves silly. Problem is, you really would not notice it. Felix from Golden Tricycle brings his great game, Clark with him today. CLARK is a grid-based 3D puzzle adventure game for OUYA and will later also be ported to mobile devices, PC and […]


Just the two of us. We can make it if we try! If me and @mattshotcha sang that on the podcast today, we would have been sued. And then murdered for making people hear the atrocity. Speaking of atrocities. Check out Matt move to Just Dance at Ubisoft’s E3 presentation. Matt went to E3 and […]

ghost of a tale

Today’s podcast is a lesson in design. Seith, sole developer of Ghost of a tale, joins us all the way from France. A long time animator, this is Seith’s first foray into gaming. Beautiful doesn’t begin to describe Ghost of a Tale. Inspired from the very movies he has worked on, Seith’s new video game […]


For my first E3 talk, I am joined by Snaps and special guest @PSVitaEuro. @PSVitaEuro runs a video game website This is his first podcast! In Round 2 E3 talk I am with @Xander756 and @gamefreakblog. We take a second look at the big press conferences and further dissect the games and policies brought […]

Skyward Collapse

A great video game chat for you today. theMulticast is joined by Josh and Chris of Arcen Games. These guys know games and come from a great history of them. They bring with them their newest game, Skyward Collapse. This game is something else. Skyward Collapse truly makes you feel like an all powerful…A-hole. We […]

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We are joined by a very special guest this week. We are lucky enough to grab Creative Director of the upcoming game Homesick. Berrett stops by theMulticast studios with @corib3ar and @flygirlgamers to dish out about his very first game. Learn how a team of three, including the office dog, creates a beautiful and inspiring […]

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Metro Last Light

It’s a very intimate affair with just myself and @gamefreakblog. Every one bailed on us but it’s okay. Who needs them? I don’t… In this week’s show we take a side on the EA VS Nintendo fight. Both childhood friends that gave us great times but which side of the fence do we fall on? […]