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Broken Age Act 2 was released today – over a year after the unmemorable first act. After our hour long podcast filled with nothing but negativity surrounding the first part of the game, I was hoping that the second act might silence me a little. It didn’t. I haven’t played Act 2. I don’t plan […]


Winterflame: The Other Side | Artoncode If you like beautiful puzzle games and platformers, this one is for you (even if you don’t you should probably check it out anyway) Based out of Jakarta, Indonesia, this ambitious project has already won awards and caught the attention of over 100 backers. I would have liked to […]

Hanako Games

Long Live the Queen by Hanako Games is my next game. LLtQ is a point and click adventure that is mostly text. I think some people call it an interactive novel. You can find a demo on the Hanako website. Or you can buy the game on Steam. I kind of knew what to expect […]

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Lukas Pope

My July 4th game is Papers, Please. Ironic right? I also wanted to add that I’m not technically late, but I was having internet problems yesterday due to a move. For like, the second time in a month. Seriously, I’m done moving. Ok, SO! Papers, Please is a point and click simulation game. You simulate […]

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Fictiorama Studios

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today has less than 5 days left on Kickstarter while still being $15,000 short of their goal. Even with over 1,000 people backing their cause, it looks like Fictiorama Studios might be facing a huge disappointment unless they can get support for their higher tiered pledges. Interested, but not sure? Dead […]

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Broken Age

In the last part, Shay waited too long to leave and things have gone wrong. He’s lost control of the ship’s cargo boom arms, the shields are up, and he has to get to Prima Doom. Lowering the Shields This time, use the door to the left instead of the vent. You’ll pass by where […]

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Broken Age

After meeting the wolf, he gives you a weird key slash screw thing. When he leaves, you’ll get transported back to your bed with all of your missions canceled. Get out of bed and walk to the right. There is a sign that says “Until Further Notice”. Next to that, there is a yellow container […]

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Broken Age

Shay is stuck on a spaceship, watched by an overly protective computer mom. I’m not sure if he just got on the ship or what happened (nor do I care at this point), but he seems excited to be there. That changes as he finds out what the missions are. Saving the avalanche victims Use […]

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Broken Age

Broken Age Act 1 Walkthrough for Vella: How to escape Meriloft-The city in the clouds After escaping the Maiden’s Feast, you land in a city built in the sky. Talk to the father and son in the middle of the area. They’re freakin crazy. You find out that somebody lost Jessie’s egg and she was […]