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The wait is over and the Evasi0n has released their iOS 6.x jailbreak for the iPhone and iPad. We no longer have to conform to Apple’s strict rules and can customize our device at will. Performing the jailbreak is very simple. All you need is a computer with Linux, Mac OS, or Windows. Download the […]

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Chillingo LTD

Pixel People Pixel People by Chillingo Ltd is one of those games that is highly addicting, but you have no idea why. Pixel People seems to be a clash of Tiny Tower and Minecraft with the annoying ability to force you to stare at  your iPhone for hours because you just can’t stop hitting the […]

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The opening sequence of Far Cry 3 reminded me of Dead Island, which wasn’t a good sign. I am giving the game a shot, despite the fact I apparently play the biggest vagina on the island. Basics: Green Plants: Health Red Plants: Combat Yellow Plants: Hunting White Plants: Special Kill animals to skin their hides […]

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Nami The Tidecaller Basics Video Walkthrough Nami: water based offensive support champion Abilities: Passive: Surging Tides, allies gain brief movement speed when hit with Nami’s abilities Q: Aqua Bubble, fire a bubble to an area stunning an enemy champion for 1.25 seconds W: Ebb and Flow, Heal an allied champion or Attack an enemy champion. […]

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Mistakes I made as a new League of Legends player and how to avoid them As I approach level 30 and the option to play ranked, I have slowly become aware of the paralyzing mistakes made as a Newbie. I learned of this situation around level 22 and it only took 3-4 levels for me […]

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Dominion game Play

How to Use Ashe Effectively in Domion When I first started playing League of Legends, I hated Ashe. I’m not sure why because I’m a big fan of ranged characters. Once I started learning the difference between Attack Damage and Attack Power, I think I started to appreciate her more. I’ve never used Ashe in […]

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Road to Rank 50

Road to Rank 50 Our friend, Kenny Shelton, wanted to share his video commentary as he makes his way to rank 50 in Assassin’s Creed 3 multi-player. Subscribe to  him on YouTube! Join him in his victories and defeats in every game he plays. Ranking up in multiplayer games can be hard to do, if not downright […]

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Keith McMillan Instruments

QuNexus Kickstarter Video In October, we introduced our love for the QuNeo Pad Controller by Keith McMillen Instruments. They are back at it again with their smarts and ingenuousness and stuff, but they need your help! [button link=”” variation=”blue” size=”large”]Go to the QuNexus KickStarter[/button] Enter the QuNexus Smart Sensor Keyboard Controller. This offers 25 keys […]

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League of Legends

League of Legends by Riot Games is a popular Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) comparable to DOTA. You choose a champion to play at the beginning of the match and use that champion for the whole game. Each champion has unique abilities and attributes. When the game was originally released in 2009, it only included […]