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Homesick with Berrett Meeker

We are joined by a very special guest this week. We are lucky enough to grab Creative Director of the upcoming game Homesick. Berrett stops by theMulticast studios with @corib3ar and @flygirlgamers to dish out about his very fi...
by Basher

Unnamed 101

Unnamed 101: The Cure for the Common Mobile Game

Support the Kickstarter! Marc Sanz is the name of the man and Unnamed 101 is the name of the game. Also, “Unnamed Hero” is the sequel if I have my way! Unnamed 101 is a top down twin stick action RPG for mobile with...
by Basher



[YTube Podcast] SAMMUS Goes Brolic

For all the latest podcasts On today’s podcast I welcome friend and fellow podcaster, Jon Dao. However our star of the show is none other than rapper, producer, and nerd; SAMMUS. Find out the inspiration behind her craft ...
by Basher

Metro Last Light

theMulticast: Nintendo VS EA

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by Basher



‘Collateral’ Brings You Clowns VS Strippers!

Fund the Kickstarter! Josh from Dancing Dinosaur Games brings their newest title, Collateral to the podcast. Collateral is an open world, vehicular combat game for PC set in a dystopian future. Take control of an armed flying t...
by Basher


[Podcast] Why You Should Play Retro Games with Retro Magazine

Order your subscription to Retro Magazine now! Welcome Mike Kennedy to the show. He is the publisher of Retro Magazine. Retro Magazine is a videogame magazine that focuses on the smaller titles and retro inspired games. Talking...
by Basher

Skyward Collapse

[Podcast] Arcen Games: Gamers Are Intelligent

A great video game chat for you today. theMulticast is joined by Josh and Chris of Arcen Games. These guys know games and come from a great history of them. They bring with them their newest game, Skyward Collapse. This game is...
by Basher



[Podcast] Monochroma “Games Are Not Art”

Fund the Kickstarter! From Nowhere Studios, theMulticast is joined by Burak Tezateşer. He brings their new title, Monochroma. A dystopian tale of two brothers who find themselves in trouble after witnessing something they shou...
by Basher

theMulticast podcast

[PodCast] theMulticast: And the worst game of the year goes to… @themultitap

The crew is back together to get some games out their backlog and on to the podcast. @mattshotcha, @gamefreakblog, and Snaps are together again. Prepare for a straight hour of games. We are talking Sly 4, Dead Space 3, Aliens, ...
by corib3ar