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Unnamed 101

Unnamed 101: The Cure for the Common Mobile Game

Support the Kickstarter! Marc Sanz is the name of the man and Unnamed 101 is the name of the game. Also, “Unnamed Hero” is the sequel if I have my way! Unnamed 101 is a top down twin stick action RPG for mobile with...
by Basher


CLARK Developer: Annoyed with state of mobile games

For today’s podcast we all had the better idea to not drink ourselves silly. Problem is, you really would not notice it. Felix from Golden Tricycle brings his great game, Clark with him today. CLARK is a grid-based 3D puz...
by Basher


motte feature

[Podcast] Motte Island: Real Fun and Real Scary

Please welcome Steve and Jacky from OneAperture. They are part of the development team behind Motte Island. A very unique, top down horror game. Don’t think a 2D game can scare you? You’re wrong. Tune in for a reall...
by Basher


Preview: Motte Island

Motte Island on IndieDB   Corib3ar: Goddam it. I will cry if it’s scary Basher: Its top down haha. How scared can you get? Ten minutes later, I jumped out my freaking seat. Motte Island made me eat my words. Taking p...
by Basher



[Podcast] Alex Hinkley “Developers Make Too Much” Explained

Alex Hinkley, the Ex-Examiner writer tells his side of the story. If you live under a rock, then you missed the uproar he caused with his article. Writing about how developers are overpaid has cost Alex his writing job. Examine...
by Basher

Soul Saga

[Podcast] Soul Saga Searching with Disaster Cake

It’s a one on one podcast today with Disaster Cake. This is not an hour of me talking to baking gone bad. Disaster Cake is the sole developer of Soul Saga. A true love letter to the JRPG you all love and grew up on. Upon ...
by Basher


[Podcast] World Famous Ubisoft Ambassador @ E3

Just the two of us. We can make it if we try! If me and @mattshotcha sang that on the podcast today, we would have been sued. And then murdered for making people hear the atrocity. Speaking of atrocities. Check out Matt move to...
by Basher


ghost of a tale

[Podcast] Game Developer / Animator Seith & Anti-DRM

Today’s podcast is a lesson in design. Seith, sole developer of Ghost of a tale, joins us all the way from France. A long time animator, this is Seith’s first foray into gaming. Beautiful doesn’t begin to desc...
by Basher


[Podcast] theMulticast E3 Wrap Up Part 1 & 2

For my first E3 talk, I am joined by Snaps and special guest @PSVitaEuro. @PSVitaEuro runs a video game website This is his first podcast! In Round 2 E3 talk I am with @Xander756 and @gamefreakblog. ...
by Basher