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[Podcast] World Famous Ubisoft Ambassador @ E3

Just the two of us. We can make it if we try! If me and @mattshotcha sang that on the podcast today, we would have been sued. And then murdered for making people hear the atrocity. Speaking of atrocities. Check out Matt move to...
by Basher


[Podcast] theMulticast Megaman + SSMB = MegaByte Punch

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by Basher



[PodCast] theMulticast: You’re wrong, Cliffy B

On the show is @mattshotcha, @gamefreakblog, and @snapscomesalive. Today we discuss the biggest shooter of the year. Until the other shooter with good graphics comes out next month.  After dragging Matt out of his bad mood we ...
by corib3ar


[PODCAST] Walt Williams: Writing for a AAA videogame

We stepped out of hiatus for a unique episode this week. Today I am joined by the world famous Matt Shotcha and special guest, 2K Senior Writer, Walt Williams. Walt was great enough to stick around for a couple hours. So this w...
by Basher


Soul Saga

[Podcast] Soul Saga Searching with Disaster Cake

It’s a one on one podcast today with Disaster Cake. This is not an hour of me talking to baking gone bad. Disaster Cake is the sole developer of Soul Saga. A true love letter to the JRPG you all love and grew up on. Upon ...
by Basher

GTA5 Logo

theMulticast: Disco Is Better Than GTAV

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by Basher

More of the Same

Crysis 3 Review-More of the Same

@snapscomesalive gives his opinion on the popular FPS: Crysis 3 and if tackling a futuristic New York in a cool super suit as a character with a badass name is worth your time. Keep up to date with the latest news in the video...
by corib3ar



Waiting4Player2: The First Episode

Subcribe on iTunes Waiting4Player2 is the new podcast from BiasBear where your comments shape the show. Instead of just listening to our dumb faces, we invite you and your conversation. The best part about being apart of the sh...
by Basher


Preview: Motte Island

Motte Island on IndieDB   Corib3ar: Goddam it. I will cry if it’s scary Basher: Its top down haha. How scared can you get? Ten minutes later, I jumped out my freaking seat. Motte Island made me eat my words. Taking p...
by Basher