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Here’s the easiest way to override the Copper Deeps Tallneck. Coupla Notes: Override or kill the watchers on the right side. This will make the dismount from the Tallneck a little easier. He will emit a signal when you override him, so everyone will be hostile. All Horizon: Zero Dawn walkthroughs, videos, and related articles

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Order your subscription to Retro Magazine now! Welcome Mike Kennedy to the show. He is the publisher of Retro Magazine. Retro Magazine is a videogame magazine that focuses on the smaller titles and retro inspired games. Talking to Mike is like taking a class in old school gaming. We take a look back in history […]


The walkthrough for the first half hour of Tomb Raider. When Lara first comes to: Move left and right until the cocoon beside you catches on fire causing the pillar to catch on fire. Move back and forth until towards the pillar until your cocoon catches on fire. Walk into the room with the body, […]

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Road to Rank 50

Road to Rank 50 Our friend, Kenny Shelton, wanted to share his video commentary as he makes his way to rank 50 in Assassin’s Creed 3 multi-player. Subscribe to  him on YouTube! Join him in his victories and defeats in every game he plays. Ranking up in multiplayer games can be hard to do, if not downright […]

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Dishonored Walkthrough Flooded District

Dishonored Optional Mission Walkthrough You’ve followed all of your orders, but the people you trusted still betray you. Play as Corvo-an assassin in the streets of Dunwall City- as he is saved by Samuel and ends up in the Flooded District. You meet Daud, the mysterious leader of a group of bounty hunter assassins, who […]

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Dishonored Walkthrough

Dishonored Mission Walkthrough You’ve finally taken care of everyone close to the Lord Regent (Campbell, Pendletons, Sokolov, Lady Boyle) and it’s finally time to take care of him yourself. Travel back to Dunwall Tower and take him down the non-lethal way without being seen. Along the way, you have the chance to kill the torturer, […]

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I recently shot a short video with a friend using the Kodak Playfull. I bought it for about 80 bucks, and I wanted it for a project that I never finished. I got it in light blue and I liked it because it was cheap and it was small. I also wanted something that was […]