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Review: Sins of a Dark Age

Can I call Sins of a Dark Age SoDA for short? Or SoaDA but that’s not as cool. Let me start by saying I know it’s hard to start any MOBA. Even if you’re a seasoned veteran, the different playing styles, items, and champions are a huge handicap when it comes to learning a new […]


LoL Beginner’s Study-What Not to do as a Newbie

Mistakes I made as a new League of Legends player and how to avoid them As I approach level 30 and the option to play ranked, I have slowly become aware of the paralyzing mistakes made as a Newbie. I learned of this situation around level 22 and it only took 3-4 levels for me […]



Top 3 Things I Hate About Thief

What is the deal, good sirs? Humble host of theMulticast podcast, Basher here. Let’s be honest. We all knew this was gonna blow. We were excited until we saw the first few videos. Something about it just didn’t impress...
by corib3ar