Get Ready for Vexlands: Apogee’s Upcoming Open-World Crafting Adventure on PC in 2024

Get Ready for Vexlands: Apogee’s Upcoming Open-World Crafting Adventure on PC in 2024

Embark on a homesteading journey with Vexlands, the open-world crafting adventure by Emberheart Games and Apogee Entertainment. Coming to Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store in early 2024.

Are you ready to embark on an adventure unlike any other? In this long-cursed worldscape, you’ll forge a safe haven and journey into the unknown to discover the source of the surroundings’ ill fate.

As you explore this peculiar and all but vacant landscape, you’ll come across remnants of the past that tell tales of humanity’s disappearance. But fear not, for you have the skills to survive. Hunt for food sources and relics, and craft items to increase your chances of survival.

To gather the resources you need, you’ll need to exchange them for precious coins. With your hard-earned money, you can unlock nearby territories. But be warned, each parcel purchase is a gamble and permanently introduces good or bad elements into the ecosystem.

Fruitful new areas can add positives to the world like raw materials, food sources, and new dungeons, while unlucky land grabs can unleash dangerous enemies and enact natural disasters with surprising effects on the surroundings.

With a procedurally generated world and dynamic weather, every playthrough offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Pray for light rain to water your crops, but fear storms capable of flooding your farm grounds. Meteor strikes and lightning can crush buildings, but yield rare materials in the wreckage. And don’t forget to make it home before dark for a strategic advantage against the monsters lurking at night.

As you continue your journey, it’s important to outfit your thriving home base with supplies and defensive structures. Rest between quests into the unknown across five biomes. Harvest trees and foliage to provide tools and sustenance, and build crafting stations to upgrade your gear. Discover local livestock and herd them homeward to create ongoing food sources, and construct buildings to speed up resource production and efficiency.

Collect multi-purpose herbs that can be used for cooking up stamina-building meals or as part of alchemy recipes for potions to increase health, speed, and defense. And when you encounter enemies during jaunts into new territory, don’t be afraid to slash, dash, and magic blast them to smithereens. Prioritize a plethora of abilities with extensive skill trees, and focus on farming, production, and storage upgrades to craft the perfect homestead.

“Vexlands shines in its customizability. Each playthrough is a new experience that lends itself to different playstyles,” says Scott Miller, Founder of Apogee Entertainment. “Between a beautiful procedurally generated world, a completely custom progression system and a pinch of coziness, a unique adventure awaits for every player and every playthrough.”

So are you ready to take on the cursed worldscape and discover the secrets it holds? The adventure comes to Steam for PC, GOG and the Epic Games Store in 2024!


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