Stealth Your Way through Secret Agent: Cold War Espionage on Xbox – Released Today On Xbox!

Stealth Your Way through Secret Agent: Cold War Espionage on Xbox – Released Today On Xbox!

Move over, James Bond – Agent 49 is here!

The game Secret Agent: Cold War Espionage, which combines elements of stealth, marksmanship, and puzzle-solving, has been released today on XBOX. Developed by Kung Fu Takeaway, this one-man studio has created a visually stunning, sepia-toned world where players assume the role of Agent 49. Their mission is to stop the villainous mastermind Zavaro’s plans, but they must be careful not to become his next victim.

With only a pair of binoculars and a pistol, Agent 49 must use their intelligence to navigate seven unique levels, inspired by the classic Mission: Impossible television series. Escaping from prisons, defusing time bombs, and outwitting opponents are all part of the game. However, being stealthy is not always easy. Secret Agent: Cold War Espionage was developed with achievement hunters and spy novel fans in mind, providing plenty of humor and replayability. Players can choose to discover all the secrets in each level or appreciate the game’s light-hearted writing and spy-themed jokes.

Andik Morgenstern, the creator of Kung Fu Takeaway, commented on the game’s release and stated, “quote here.” Secret Agent: Cold War Espionage is now available on the XBOX store for $10.49. Players can immerse themselves in the golden age of spy novels by donning a tuxedo and ball shoes.

About Secret Agent: Cold War Espionage

Set in the glitzy and dangerous world of 1969 with Secret Agent Cold War Espionage game, this retro-inspired Cold War game will transport you back in time to the height of the Cold War. With its gorgeous green sepia-tone visuals, you’ll feel like you’re living in a classic spy film!

About Kung Fu Takeaway Studios

Based out of Australia we’ve been developing games for several years now – but we’re super excited to be making our first foray onto the Xbox market! 

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