A Decade in the Making: Abbey Games Unveils Long-Awaited Sequel to 2013’s Reus

A Decade in the Making: Abbey Games Unveils Long-Awaited Sequel to 2013’s Reus

Guide humanity as mighty giants and shape the evolution of multiple worlds in Reus 2

Abbey Games, the masterminds behind the immensely popular god simulation game Reus, have made an exciting announcement. Teaming up with Firesquid as the publisher, Abbey Games revealed during Steam’s Tacticon that they are officially working on the long-awaited sequel, Reus 2. With the original game selling over one million copies worldwide in 2013, the studio aims to captivate both loyal fans and newcomers with this unique universe where players wield the power of colossal giants to sculpt planets and steer humanity towards various destinies.

Exploring a Vast Cosmos
Reus 2 promises a richer and more immersive experience compared to its predecessor. In addition to nurturing planets for the benefit of humanity, players will now embark on a cosmic journey to uncover the fate of humanity itself. Through civilization experiments, players can create multiple planets and observe the diverse reactions of different human tribes to the worlds that have been shaped for them. Strategic synergies within ecosystems, biomes, and giants will offer endless possibilities for players to breathe life into their planets and witness the consequences of their actions.

Shaping the Destiny of Humanity
As the evolution of humanity unfolds, players will wield the power to guide them towards their best or worst destinies. The game empowers players to nurture human aspirations and assist in achieving their goals, or alternatively, create more challenging paths. Reus 2 features meta progression and an adaptive experience, allowing players to tailor their gameplay experience to their liking. If desired, players can start anew and shape the destiny of humanity in different ways, discovering fresh outcomes with each playthrough.

Exciting Features Await
Reus 2 introduces a host of exciting features that will enhance players’ immersion and enjoyment. Assume control of the mighty giants, who hold the key to shaping planets and determining the course of civilizations. Experiment with the interplay of natural resources, combining flora and fauna to unlock new interactions and observe the resulting impact on human societies. Witness the rise of primitive eras transitioning into advanced civilizations, while remaining an impartial observer of humanity’s choices, be they exploratory or self-destructive. Each playthrough will leave a lasting legacy in the stars, inspiring new pathways to explore.

What’s Next for Reus 2
Reus 2 is currently in development, and eager fans can add the game to their Steam wishlist to stay updated on the latest news and developments. Abbey Games aims to deliver an unforgettable sequel, building upon the success of the original Reus and offering players an even more immersive, strategic, and captivating experience. Prepare to shape worlds and guide humanity towards its destiny like never before in the highly anticipated Reus 2.


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