Broken Age-Shay Walkthrough-Completing the Missions

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Shay is stuck on a spaceship, watched by an overly protective computer mom. I’m not sure if he just got on the ship or what happened (nor do I care at this point), but he seems excited to be there. That changes as he finds out what the missions are.

Saving the avalanche victims
Use the spoon in your inventory on the ice cream to eat it.

Catching the runaway train
Click on the sleeping mountain to wake it up and lower the bridge.

Defending the Friendship Circle
Just talk to the stuffed animal thingy.

Investigating the foreign body
Pretty straightforward. Walk to the right until you get to the foreign body. Click on it and you’ll get a present which turns out to be a grabby toy something or whatever.

After you do everything, you’ll have to throw one of your rescue missions.
Go on the runaway train mission and yell at the bridge man to open the bridge. When the train reaches the hill, yell at the bridge man and he will close the bridge causing the train to fall.
*Note: You might have to do the missions over again to get this part to work. Leave me a comment or shoot me an email if you can confirm or deny this.

When you fall on the squishy rocks, you’ll meet a fox who gives you a key like thing.