Broken Age-Shay Walkthrough-Shields, Boom Arms, and Prima Doom

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In the last part, Shay waited too long to leave and things have gone wrong. He’s lost control of the ship’s cargo boom arms, the shields are up, and he has to get to Prima Doom.

Lowering the Shields

  • This time, use the door to the left instead of the vent. You’ll pass by where the ship is holding the animals. Keep walking to the left.
  • You’ll find a room with all Shay’s old toys.
  • Take the blue suit to the right of the toys.
  • Wake up the teleporter door in that room and click on it to teleport to the Nexus.
  • Your head will shrink. Go in the teleporter all the way to the right (Starboard Passage) Your head will shrink more.
  • Go to the left-it doesn’t look like you can, but there’s a passage there past the runaway train door.
  • After reaching the next area, go in the door with the big smiley face and stars.
  • One of the stuffed animals has something stuck in his back. Offer to help him to get the object added to your inventory. Run the protocol if you want. I vote no.
  • Leave the area and keep walking left.
  • When you get to the next area, walk in the door with the whipped cream mountains on it. This is the ice cream avalanche area.
  • Walk past the stuffed animals and to the right of them is a whipped cream gun. Add that to your inventory.
  • Leave that area and continue walking left. You’ll get to your mission control room (I guess you could call it that)
  • Go in the green door right to the left of where you came in. You’ll be back at the Nexus
  • Use the teleporter in the middle to the Fusion Orb Containment Facility
  • Your head will now be small enough to fit in the helmet you got from your toy room put it on and you can put the head phone thingy on the Fusion orb.

Gaining control of the boom arms

  • Now, you can teleport without your head getting smaller.
  • Go back to the Nexus and then walk to the left of all the doors (the way you came in if you just lowered the shields)
  • Go in the red door under the ship’s controls (if you actually give a shit about the story, go into the control deck of the ship and talk to the mother computer)
  • Go in the first door in that hallway. Pick up the knife on the counter. That’s all you’ll need here, head back to the Nexus
  • Use the teleporter all the way to the right (Starboard Passage)
  • This time, head to the right, then straight and out to space.
  • Use the can of compressed air on yourself
  • Use the knife on your hose
  • Use the whipped cream gun on yourself then click up to get propelled into space.
  • The movement kind of sucks, but navigate around the space needle looking thing to the other side and you’ll see the boom controls.
  • Use the knife on the glass
  • Use the Gary the grabby toy on the boom arm controls.

Teleporting to Prima Doom

  • When you take the Star Chart to the Space Weaver, he won’t allow you to go there.
  • You will need to teleport to Cozy Cluster to get the right pattern on the loom.
  • Use the object you got out of the stuffed animals back (if you don’t have it, instructions on how to get it is above under Lowering the Shields) on the loom
  • The pattern to put on the loom is about the same as the Star Chart, but not really so here’s a picture.