Broken Age-Shay Walkthrough-The Wolf

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  • After meeting the wolf, he gives you a weird key slash screw thing.
  • When he leaves, you’ll get transported back to your bed with all of your missions canceled.
  • Get out of bed and walk to the right. There is a sign that says “Until Further Notice”. Next to that, there is a yellow container
  • Pick up the yellow container which turns out to be a can of compressed air.
  • Walk to the right until you see a vent past the “Missions Cancelled” sign
  • Use the object the wolf gave you on the vent
  • Take the object out of the vent.
  • Use the can of air on the object you took out of the vent. Then use the blow up doll version of you on your bed to fool the mother computer.
  • When you go down the stairs, you meet the wolf again.
  • After talking to him, go in the vent directly to the left to get to the Space Weaver.
  • Hand the Space Weaver the Star Chart that the wolf gave you.
  • Go back to the wolf
  • The next part is kind of like that claw game where you never get the stuffed animal.
  • You’ll have to leave without one of the animals and that upsets Shay.
  • After another talk with the wolf, he will give you another Star Chart. Take it back to the Space Weaver and you’ll do everything all over again.
  • This time, one of the animals will get away and the ship will be under attack.
  • You’ll run back up to your bed and the mother computer will check on you.