Broken Age-Vella Walkthrough-Meriloft

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Broken Age Act 1 Walkthrough for Vella: How to escape Meriloft-The city in the clouds

  • After escaping the Maiden’s Feast, you land in a city built in the sky. Talk to the father and son in the middle of the area. They’re freakin crazy.
  • You find out that somebody lost Jessie’s egg and she was given a golden egg.
  • Talk to the lady under the cloud shoes sign and she loses her knife. She can’t make you new shoes until she gets a new knife.
  • Take the ladder at the bottom center of the screen and find a weird ruined place.
  • Talk to the girl down there and find out that Mog Chothra didn’t choose her.
  • She will give you her cloud shoes so you can move to the next part. Talk to her if you want, she’s kind of depressing.
  • Put on your cloud shoes by using them on yourself.
  • Go back up the ladder and to the path on the right of the screen.
  • There’s a little girl there and you can see your knife to the upper right of her.
  • Talk to her until you get her ladder. You can talk to her about the golden eggs too. Find out that they are the heaviest things they have up there.
  • Use the ladder on the nest where the knife is to get your knife.
  • Go back to the mom and use it on her and she gives you a pair of cloud shoes that you can’t wear.
  • Go to the bottom right path and you’ll see 3 bowls and a weird looking man.
  • He will tell you that you need to place an offering before you can see Harm’ny. Place the cloud shoes that don’t fit into one of the baskets.
  • Go up the ladder.
  • Talk to him about killing Mog Chothra and he will drop a golden egg. Ask him if you can have it and he will drop it for you to get later.
  • Ask him why he is up so high and find out that he is as high up from the cloud city as the cloud city is from the forest.

Now, you know that you’ll need to place the 3 golden eggs in the offering baskets so that the ladder will descend into the forest. You can do these next parts in whatever order you want just as long as you get all 3.

1st Egg

  • Go down the steps and find the first egg has fallen on F’ther’s head. Ignore him and pick it up.

2nd Egg

  • Go back to the main part of the cloud city and towards Jessie. Use the ladder on her nest and climb up. Walk around her to the path on the top left
  • Avoid the holes in the cloud and go to the trunk of the tree where you will fall down.
  • There you will find Gus and Jessie’s egg.
  • Gus won’t let you pass to get the egg and he’ll push you off of the tree. A bird will pick you up and drop you by the trunk again.
  • There is a hole in the clouds near the top of the cloud, fall down it and it will free Gus. Both of you will fall and the bird will save you
  • Now you can go down the trunk again and pick up Jessie’s egg. Return it to her and pick up the golden egg.

3rd Egg

  • Go back to where M’ggie is and you’ll see the third golden egg in a nest.
  • When you put the ladder on the nest, a cranky bird will unhook it and the ladder sinks when you try to climb up
  • Use the cloud shoes that are too big for you on the ladder. Now it won’t sink when the bird unhooks it.
  • Climb up and get the third egg.
  • Go back to F’ther and put all 3 eggs in the bowls of enlightenment.
  • Hop on the ladder and you’ll be free of Meriloft.