Broken Age-Vella Walkthrough-Shellmound and Killing Mog Chothra

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The third and last part of Vella’s walkthrough in Broken Age Act 1

  • After falling through the sky on a ladder (and miraculously not dying) you land in a logger’s cabin. A logger who is scared of trees.
  • You’ll see a stained glass window as soon as you walk out, click on it to take the sun.
  • Talk to the lumberjack and ask him if you can have his art. Take the weird statue off of the wall.
  • Before you leave the cabin, take the axe off of the wall on the door.
  • Go out of the cabin and go right when it comes to the fork in the road. Don’t go left, there’s a homicidal snake in that direction.
  • You’ll see a shaking tree, use the axe on it and the tree goes crazy. Long story short, you have to get the lumberjack to make a stool so the tree will throw up.
  • Go right past the tree and you’ll reach Shellmound.
  • Talk to the mayor, find out that the sand won’t stick together and tell him you want to enter the Maiden’s Feast.
  • To get his bucket hat, tell him that it looks good on him.
  • There’s a piece of driftwood on the beach, pick it up.
  • Talk to the ladies in the Maiden’s Feast and they’re stupid, but won’t let you borrow their scent so you can enter the Feast.
  • There are steps on the right, go up them and there are 2 girls that blinded themselves and have taken to guarding a pyramid of the Dead Eye God.
  • They tell you that you can’t go in until you bring them the answer to their riddle.
  • Ignore that for now and ask them for the Holy Tear Gas Dispenser they tried to use on you when you first approached them.

Now that all of your backstory is set up, you can complete the rest in whatever order you want.

Fixing the Maiden’s Feast Arena

  • Once you’ve got the bucket from the “Mayor”, take the piece of driftwood back to the lumberjack and ask him to turn it into a stool.
  • Go back to the crazy tree and use the bucket on his branches. Use the stool on the tree and make him throw up into the bucket.
  • (If this doesn’t work, try making him throw up first then using the bucket on him and making him throw up again)
  • Take the bucket of sap back to the Mayor and the arena will be fixed.

Qualifying for the Maiden’s Feast

  • Take the holy tear gar dispenser from the Blind Eye girls and use it on the fish chum down by the water.
  • Use the fish chum dispenser on the Maiden’s Feast girls and seagulls will start to attack them.
  • Tell them the perfume is attracting the seagulls and offer to take it away from the girls.
  • Use the perfume on yourself and then ask the mayor if you can be in the Maiden’s Feast.

Finding a Weapon

  • After getting the riddle from the twins, go back to the cloud city and to the tree where you found Gus and Jessie’s egg.
  • Stay away from the holes in the cloud and walk around to the other side of the tree.
  • Pick a piece of fruit.
  • Take it back to the girls and they will let you in the temple.
  • Use the weird piece of art from the lumberjack’s cabin on the podium to the right.
  • An astronaut comes out of cryogenic suspension…this part doesn’t make sense.
  • There’s a broken stained glass behind you. Touch it to make it come out.
  • Take the red and grey crystal above the one you just took out and put it in the lower spot.
  • Take the sun crystal you have in your inventory and put it where the red and grey one was.
  • This will give you a weapon to kill Mog Chothra

Killing Mog Chothra

  • You will be given a remote laser. Aim at the tentacles
  • Once you’ve blown off 3 tentacles, hit it a couple more times until it picks you up
  • Use the ladder on its mouth and then aim the laser in the mouth.
  • This will kill Mog Chothra and knock out Vella.

This is the end of Vella’s Act 1 adventure. Once you’ve finished Shay’s quest, there will be a short cutscene that doesn’t explain a goddamn thing and the end of Act 1.