LoL Beginner’s Study-What Not to do as a Newbie

Mistakes I made as a new League of Legends player and how to avoid them

As I approach level 30 and the option to play ranked, I have slowly become aware of the paralyzing mistakes made as a Newbie.

I learned of this situation around level 22 and it only took 3-4 levels for me to fix the problems. There were a lot of rage talk and angry kids along the way, so it wasn’t easy. I’ve had to use the mute button more often that usual.

I wrote this out in hopes that any one interested in learning the game will be able to dodge them. These would only be considered mistakes if you want to play ranked and get good. If you’re just here to have fun with your friends, these are less important for your game play.

Mistake #1: Playing too much Dominion

I liked to play Dominion because it was a shorter game as well as still fun even if my team sucked due to the increased chances of opposing champion encounters. This being said, I realized I liked it too much. I played Dominion until around level 20 and when I tried to play Classic, I had no idea what to do.

Dominion and Classic have their similarities, but one of the differences I wasn’t used to was the speed and patience you need in Classic. The decreased death times and increased gold gain in Dominion can be deceiving. You also don’t have the chance to learn the roles of each lane which can be detrimental towards your Classic game.

Mistake #2: Playing too many different champions

When you start to get into draft mode, you need to know how to play each role while also understanding that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Playing random champions on the free to play list is not a good way to go.

My advice would be to pick 2 roles you feel the most comfortable with and master 1-2 champions for each role. Using the free to play champions is good for figuring out what you like to do or trying out a champion you might be interested in getting, but don’t rely on it for every single game.

Not sure what role you like? Think about your personality. Do you like teamwork? Pick ADC or Support to go bottom. Do you like solo work and magic? Go middle lane. Do you like solo work and melee? Go top lane. Do you like the ability to be a presence in all of the lanes while still doing your own thing? Jungling is probably the best role for you.

You should be able to figure out how to play the other roles by paying attention to the game. If you’re uncomfortable playing a new role or a new champion in draft mode, play against AI. You get 3 hours a day to gain experience and once you’re competent in the game, winning a beginner’s AI game is easy shiz. You can also use AI games to learn the roles. While AI games are usually less organized, you can still get a good feel for what you want to do and if you’ll be capable of doing it.

Mistake #3 Not Making Friends

Let’s be realistic here, the game is pretty much the same thing over and over. However, all multi-player games are in the end. This is where making friends comes into play.

Play a game with somebody good or just somebody you got along really well with? Add them. Not only will playing with somebody else keep your interest in the game, but people who know each other will play well together.

Don’t be scared to make friends with people. More often with not, they are looking for the same thing: somebody else they can look forward to getting online and playing with. So what if they decline? You don’t know those people. It shouldn’t matter.

Mistake #4: Not doing research on the game

Getting good at something is half practice and half research. I went into games at level 20+ not knowing what a leash was or the benefits of the Baron. I looked real stupid.

Not only will doing a bit of reading help you fulfill your role, but it will also help you formulate your own strategies. You don’t have to take notes, but doing things like being aware of the enemy team and how you stack up against your lane opponent is good information

A lot of your learning can be done during the selection phase. Take a look at the opposing team and do a quick search of the champions they’ve selected. You’ll start remembering the information and soon be able to switch up your champion selection based on what the enemy team has chosen. You can’t learn everything in one day, but slowing compiling information in your brain will go a long way in mastering the game.

Don’t feel bad about writing things down. I have a small cheat sheet of basic builds for the champions I main. If you want to get good, remember things is crucial. I mean, you’re already kind of a nerd for playing the game. Might as well go all the way.

Even if you have made the same mistakes as I have, it doesn’t mean your game is over. It can be extremely frustrating, but rectified with a little persistence. If all else fails, you can always just trash the whole thing and start from scratch.