#PowerTheIndie Door Kickers-Not Your Normal Military Tactics Game

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Door Kickers by KillHouse Games is currently in Alpha testing and recently entered the Steam Greenlight Top 100. I randomly stumbled upon their page and they were offering 10 free Alpha downloads in celebration. I’m all for free things so I checked it out.

I love this game. It is exponentially awesome.

Even for an Alpha, I haven’t run into too many problems. Granted, I have only played through a few levels, but the overall feel is unlike anything else I’ve played. It’s unique and challenging and worthy of being noticed.

The basic premise of Door Kickers is to control a SWAT team as they infiltrate a building and kill the bad guys. This isn’t your normal military strategy, though. Not only do you have to keep track of everyone and control their actions accordingly, you have to do it quickly. There’s a lot of on your feet thinking and it’s not limited to linear game play. If you mess up, you can improvise and still complete your task.

There are 2 modes in-game: Planning and Action. Planning seemed like a good idea at first, but I soon found the only way to play it successfully is in action mode. Planning mode is good for setting up where your flash grenades go, but trying to go back and forth between the 2 can prove to be tedious in-game. Your best bet is to harden those reflexes and get ready to make on the fly decisions.

Even though this game is nearly perfect to me, KillHouse Games is continuously working on new updates and features that have been suggested by people who have played the Alpha. Even when I had mentioned picking up the game, they pointed me towards where I could give my feedback and seemed to genuinely care about what I thought,

KillHouse Games

I got in contact with KillHouse Games and they shared a few of their upcoming additions to the game. For their first update, they plan on adding door breaching options, action waypoints and go codes-all of which I noticed were suggested by users in the forum. They also plan on adding a customizable inventory, mission generators, and a mission editor in future releases of the game.

Door Kickers is inspired by Rainbow 6 with a huge emphasis on the planning mode. KillHouse Games wanted to created a deeply tactical game that didn’t require hours of play, but you could still walk away from it feeling satisfied both mentally and as a gamer.

The development of this game is currently being supported by crowdfunding which KillHouse Games is also doing independently on their website. Click here to help support Door Kickers  and pick up your copy of the Alpha complete with all future updates and the full version of the game when it’s released. This is the only funding they are getting, so if you like the game (and you should), support it!