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LoL Beginner’s Study-Nami, The Tidecaller, Basics

Nami The Tidecaller Basics Video Walkthrough

Nami: water based offensive support champion


  • Passive: Surging Tides, allies gain brief movement speed when hit with Nami’s abilities
  • Q: Aqua Bubble, fire a bubble to an area stunning an enemy champion for 1.25 seconds
  • W: Ebb and Flow, Heal an allied champion or Attack an enemy champion. Hits up to 3 times alternating between ally and enemy.
  • E: Tidecaller’s Blessing, empower an ally champion giving their basic attacks bonus magic damage and slowing the enemy.
  • R: Tidal Wave, summon a massive tidal wave what deals damage and slow all enemy champions in its’ path depending on how far the tidal wave has traveled

Nami can be played as a support champion similar to LuLu and Sona. Her build is similar as well. Make sure to pick the the prospector’s stone and make your first legendary item the Crucible. Stay towards the back of the fight, to help support your allies without getting in the way of the enemy because Nami is squishy.

Nami might have some mana problems in the Early Game, be sure to pick up the Chalice (in your build towards the Crucible) to help offset that. Learn to manage your mana wisely.

Try to land aqua prison in the beginning of the fight to give your allies the chance to attack the enemy without being attacked at the same time. Once aqua prison wears off, the enemy should be ready to retreat. Use Tidecaller’s Blessing on your ally so their attacks slow the enemy and then Ebb and Flow on your ally to heal and grant them extra movement power to keep up with a retreating champion.


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