League of Legends-How to Play Dominion

League of Legends by Riot Games is a popular Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) comparable to DOTA. You choose a champion to play at the beginning of the match and use that champion for the whole game. Each champion has unique abilities and attributes. When the game was originally released in 2009, it only included the classic 5v5 and 3v3.

Dominion is the newest type of game for League of Legends played on a different map called The Crystal Scar with a modified game play. Dominion has the same style as a domination game where you have to hold more spots(in the case of LoL they are turrets) than the other team. It also offers a shorter game play of about 20 minutes as opposed to classic games which can run over an hour.

The point system works with a decreasing number. Both teams start with 500 points. The team with less captured turrets will lose points based on how many more turrets the other team has. There are 5 turrets total in the form of a pentagon. If one team has 3 turrets and the other has 2, the team with only 2 turrets will lose 1 point a second. If one team has 4 turrets and the other team only has 1, then the team with 1 turret will lose 3 points a second. I think you get the idea.

Just like in League of Legends Classic, turrets will attack you if it isn’t your captured turret. Minions also play a part spawning from the turrets that are yours. If there are enough enemy minions closing in on a turret, they also have the ability to capture it. Using the turret as added attack power is an important strategy to master.

On your mini-map there are 4 feet with wings. These are little wind things that give you a boost in speed for a short period of time. It’s good for escaping attack or getting to a turret that’s being captured.

There are also 8 regenerating health packs that look like green crosses on your map. They are located between all the turrets as well as behind every turret. They offer an instant heath boost which is crucial in combat.

At the beginning of every game, each player starts off at level 3 with 1350 in gold to spend on items. Item builds are slightly different in Dominion due to it being a shorter, faster game that has more contact with enemy champions. Here is our list of items builds for our favorite champions to use.

Dominion is my favorite form of game play. I like the fast paced nature with the potential to have all-out team brawls. You can find new ways to use your favorite champions without having to learn abilities and stats all over again. This is how I turned an underused support champion into a powerful attack, defense, support champion. It can take a little bit of time to get used to, but even if you realize it’s not your kind of game, you only have to put up with it for about 20 minutes