League of Legends-Orianna-Let’s Play with theMulticast

Orianna is my favorite champion in League of Legends. She’s hard to learn, decent farmer, great poke, and is awesome at helping not only yourself, but your whole team. She’s, arguably, the most versatile champion in LoL and the one I have had the most fun learning how to use.

The following video is a Let’s Play with theMulticast Podcast. This video outlines the following purposes while playing League of Legends.

  • How to win your lane against Ahri as Orianna
  • How your movement should correspond with your ball while poking
  • What your purpose is in a team fight
  • How to help teammates escape while also damaging the enemy
  • What a semi-normal game of League of Legends looks like
  • Show off Ori as a fucking boss.

I was level 30 with full masteries and rune pages playing with level 1-17’s and against level 17+. With that being said, I also have lost in the same kind of lobbies so situation is key.
Since I snowballed so early in the game, I chose the glass cannon approach. 700+ AP is not common to have at the end of the game even though it is fucking awesome. Be sure to build your armor and MR according to what the game is.
Please do not listen to a thing the people I’m playing with are saying. They are idiots. Love them to death, but they drive me insane.