League of Legends – The Many Woes of Hexakill Mode

What is Hexakill?

Hexakill is a new and temporary game mode on League of Legends in which you can bring an “extra ally” to the playing field making it a 6v6 game. You can also earn the elusive Hexakill by killing all 6 members of the opposing team in quick succession.

Hexakill is played on Summoner’s Rift-something I consider a huge flaw. To make it successful, I think a new map is necessary. 3 jungle areas is not unheard of, just look at Dawngate. Even though the map is only temporary and might be just to test the waters with a new game mode, it completely changes the game. I’ve seen a few match ups including 2 in each lane or 1 mid and 1 jungle. While 1 mid and 1 jungle seems like the best option, the game still ends up being a huge blood bath-even more so than a regular game of League. It’s pretty ridiculous how much 1 extra person sparks excess team fights. And God forbid you have an AFK. If you think 5v4 is bad, try 6v5.

I’ve played with a few different characters and roles including Akali, Caitlyn, Teemo, Sejuani, and Orianna. I find that the best champions for Hexakill are those with an AoE ability because you rarely encounter the enemy team 1 on 1. A champion with good sustainability is a bonus too because you’ll find yourself recalling more often than usual. Even with my best champion, Orianna, I found the skills that I learned and count on while playing a normal game, didn’t matter as much playing Hexakill. Farm is harder to come by with an extra person mid and team fights start earlier than usual so I ended up getting assists instead of kills.

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, problem is the lag. Many of the games I’ve played have people disconnecting through out the game. I remember playing a game where my entire team couldn’t connect and it was just me on a boar looking stupid while I waited for the opposing team to take down the towers because it was too early to surrender. Saying it was bullshit is an understatement. You would think that Riot would have their servers ready for something like this before they pushed it out.

In conclusion, do I like Hexakill as it is? No, no I do not. I’ve always considered LoL to be a very calculating game and Hexakill isn’t something I have fun playing. If I want a bloodbath, I can play ARAM. Do I think it could be good in the future? Possibly. With a map that fits this meta, it might make Hexakill something that requires skill.