Dishonored Walkthrough-Flooded District-Get Your Gear

Dishonored Optional Mission Walkthrough

You’ve followed all of your orders, but the people you trusted still betray you. Play as Corvo-an assassin in the streets of Dunwall City- as he is saved by Samuel and ends up in the Flooded District. You meet Daud, the mysterious leader of a group of bounty hunter assassins, who uses his distrust as a reason to throw you in a hole and take all of your gear. Break out and make your way through the weeper infested streets to Greaves Lightening Oil Refinery to get back what belongs to your before meeting Daud again face to face. You also obtain the Welcoming Host and Throwing Hand Bone Charms and 1 Rune during this walk through.

  • There are a couple of cut scenes. The first, you meet Daud – the assassin who killed the Empress – who knocks you out and the second is a visit from The Outsider.
  • You’ll wake up in a big cement cylinder. You can either throw bricks at the wood panels above you to break it down or possess a rat and go down the drain hole.
  • Conserve your mana (vision and blink both regenerate themselves if you give it time)while you pick up food and potions in the area around you.
  • There are 2 assassins above you, take them out however you wish. In the video above, I possessed one of them and walked him downstairs so I could choke him in  private. The second one I blinked behind him when his back was to me and choked him out that way.
  • Go out of the door and towards the arrow pointing towards your gear. There are a lot of weepers in this area. If you aren’t trying to sneak around, equip the Plague Affinity Bone Charm and any damage you take from weepers will recharge your mana slightly.
  • There is a Bone Charm in one of the buildings. You can get to it by the balcony facing the main street. There are 2 weepers in the room the Bone Charm is in. Take care of them and you will have the Welcoming Host Bone Charm. This allows you to possess white rats for longer.
  • Once you go through the door towards your gear, you’ll be in an empty room. If you’re trying to be sneaky, take the roofs on the right hand side. Climb up on the vents that go over the barbed wire fence and you’ll be at Greaves Lightening Oil Refinery.
  • Go to the opposite side of the building (facing the building your gear is in) and look down to see a control room sticking out of the wall.
  • Go in there and read the note about the backup power receptacle. The receptacle is flashing behind you on the right wall.
  • Downstairs below that room is the whale oil tank dispenser. Take one and place it in the oil dispenser to your left. Make sure you avoid the rats.
  • Place the filled oil tank in the backup power receptacle and pull the stairs switch in the control room. The stairs will drop allowing you to walk up.
  • Once you come to a walkway, carefully walk towards the metal planks that are not placed correctly. Equip your heart and you’ll see the Throwing Hand Bone Charm under the walkway. This allows you to throw objects further.
  • At the end of the walkway-on the side of the river-there is a chain dangling. Grab it and climb up. Walk to the front of the building on the pipes and you’ll hear 2 assassins talking about you and keeping watch from the roofs to try and find you.
  • When you can’t walk anymore, you’ll find another chain. Grab it and climb up onto the platform the assassins were just on.
  • Go in the building and you’ll see another backup power receptacle. The tank dispenser is in the room at the end of the right hall. Throw something at the wooden planks or just jump and hit it with your sword to break it.
  • You’ll have to throw the can out of the room so you can get out too. Fill it with oil and place the tank in the receptacle.
  • The bridge in front of you will go down (if it doesn’t, just press the lever) and you can reach the chain hanging in the middle.
  • The chain will take you down 2 levels-not far enough to get your gear. There are 2 weepers here, do whatever you want with them and grab the stuff around here if you want.
  • You can take the steps down or blink down to the bottom of the building. There are a few weepers hanging out around a light. There is also another weeper that wanders around by himself. Take a good look at him. He should look familiar to you.
  • There’s a bunch of different ways to get your gear. You can say fuck it (like I did) bend time and get the fuck out of there. I think I was noticed, but I don’t think that the full alarm had been rung. If you’re trying to do it the sneaky way, I would probably choke the lone weeper when he’s in a corner by himself, grab something to throw (there are full whale oil containers by one of the walls if you like to make explosions happen) and throw it in the opposite direction of where you are. Grab your gear when their backs are turned.
  • Once you’ve got your gear, make your way up to the floor that is between the very top and the one where the weepers were. You should see a door with a wheel.
  • Turn the wheel and it’ll open the door back into the outside world. Be careful of the River Krusts because you are in their range when you drop out of that building.
  • If you didn’t get it already, there’s a rune right in front of you in the water. It’s not hidden and is out of reach of the River Krusts so it should be no problem for you to get to it.
  • Now that you’ve got your gear, head towards Daud.