Dishonored Walkthrough – 2 Runes at Granny Rags

How to get the 2 Runes at Granny Rags – Dishonored Walkthrough and Help

  • Climb up to the ledge from the street
  • There’s a can of Jellied Eels next to the stove
  • Go downstairs into the kitchen to talk to Granny Rags
  • There’s a knock on the door, she gives you her key and asks you to handle it
  • Answer the door and kill the men
  • In the room next to the front door there are sleep darts on the chair, an urn worth 50 coins on the shelf to the right, a mana potion on the desk on the other side of the room, and a medal worth 30 coins right under that.
  • If you go back towards Granny Rags and go out of the door, equip your heart and you’ll find a Rune out back. The strange man will have a cut scene here
  • Talk to Granny Rags and she tells you she has a present for you upstairs
  • In the same room you entered, there is now another Rune. Pick it up and immediately another cut scene follows that sets up for an optional side quest with the promise of a rune as the reward. (Click here for the tutorial to find the Twist of Fortune Bone Charm)

[dropcap]Granny Rags[/dropcap] used to be a very popular and beautiful woman according to the strange man and the heart. The strange man mentioned that she was asked to be married by an Emperor and other rich men. The medal you sold was a war medal and urn both said Moray on them. The strange man doesn’t say who she marries though and instead emphasizes that she took a “different path”.  She’s obviously crazy but has an understandable hate of the street thugs that keep harassing her (for an unknown reason).