Worlds Away-2D RPG Adventure at it’s Finest

Worlds Away is a 2D point and click RPG by Evermore Evolution. Worlds Away was released on May 10, 2013 and is available for purchase on Desura. With a little positive feedback, the developer of Worlds Away plans on trying attempting Steam Greenlight as well. Check out my Demo Game Play here.

Worlds Away has a fascinating back story centered around the demon Kain-the character that you play. You were betrayed by your own family and sent to a strange world. Confused and without any memories to explain your situation, the Seraphim Aura, is the only one willing to help you. As each chapter unfolds, you learn more about your twisted past and uncover a mission that you must complete, or it will be your last.

As you journey through Worlds Away, you will be able to fully explore while also interacting with usable objects and completing with strange puzzles. To differentiate Worlds Away from other 2D point and click games of the same genre, a simple combat system was implemented into the regular game play.

Evermore Evolution

At random times, you will encounter enemies as well as mini-bosses that guard certain locations. There is also a boss enemy to reclaim a piece of your soul and progress the story. The battle will immediately begin when the enemy appears. To attack, you will simulate striking the enemy by clicking and dragging your mouse across the screen. At the same time as you are attacking, you will need to defend from enemy attacks. For only a second, you will see an animation pinpoint pop up on your screen. When this animation happens, you’ll need to right click and hold over the animation to block the incoming attacks. This sounds really simple, but I found that it does test your reflexes, so don’t get too confident going into your first fight (Hint: I lost).

The Seraphim Aura also has in-game usefulness. Items can be purchased through her as well as Soul Transfusions to level up your character. You will be able to collect enough demon souls to purchase 6 spells from Aura. Every enemy has a weakness to one of the spells, so having them would be very useful towards successfully beating the game.

The biggest aspect of the game is puzzle solving. When I talked to Brian Pressley, developer of Worlds Away, he said that there isn’t a single type of puzzle that the game will be known to have. Instead, it encompasses multiple puzzles types from problem solving to finding objects to help you advance to the next stage. The puzzles vary in difficulty and start at the beginning; the first thing you must do is find your way out of a prison cell.

When played by testers, Worlds Away clocked about 4-6 hours of game play which is pretty impressive for the price of the game (4.95 on Desura, currently on sale for 50% off) Evermore Evolutions plans on developing more RPG style games as well as table top RPG’s, RPG card games, and game resources. Needless to say, they are pretty fond of RPG’s. There are already plans on a Worlds Away 2 with the Seraphim Aura as the lead character.

Check out the Evermore Evolution Website for more updates on Worlds Away. Follow Brian Pressley on Twitter and follow @BiasBear for updates on Worlds Away and other awesome games.