Shit Granny Rags Says – Dishonored Dialogue (2012)

Granny Rags Dialogue – Dishonored (2012)

Granny Rags is an the interesting character in Dishonored. Besides myself, of course. From the moment you meet her, she talks in riddles to people who aren’t there. She’s blind and bat shit crazy, but you can’t help but be kind of mesmerized by her. What everyone says about her also fuels that. According to the heart, she once was chased by many men. Even The Outsider had something to say about her beauty when she was younger. He also mentions that she made a choice that seems to have led her to where she is today. You find her at a few parts in the storyline and if you’ve ever played an RPG before, you know that if a character pops up more than once, they are important. You can find 2 Runes in her house when you first meet her and if you complete her quest (Part 1 and Part 2) you can get another rune out of her.

In the second chapter, you’ll find her house boarded up and off-limits. At this point, I thought that I was done with her, but found her again while escaping with Emily from the Golden Cats Brothel. She clearly recognized me – even though she’s blind and batshit crazy – and that’s where my suspicions about her started.

High Seer Campbell – Granny Rags House

  • I told you, the knives go on the left. They’ve always gone on the left, you never listen.
  • Mmm If I was a birdie, I’d want to eat that. Yes I would Indeed.
  • I think the little birdies are sad today
  • Is that you, my dear husband? My eyes aren’t what they used to be. Have you seen my little birdies? The dear things must be starving without their Granny. here birdies! Oh, my my my I think I have gentleman callers again, but not the way I used to, not the nice ones. I hear them and they’re not very polite ones either. Granny Rags, Granny Rags, let us in! Ah well, they’ll go away again if they know what’s good for them, but what a bother. Here’s the key to the front door, love. You’ll see to those ruffians, won’t you?
  • Granny, Granny Granny, come out with me instead. Granny, Granny Granny, you can’t because you’re dead
  • Oh no. That’s not a nice thing. Just garbage. Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage. All of it.
  • But they’re shy. You’ll have to go or they won’t come
  • I told him — Peel it off. Peel it off so it can breathe.
  • I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me. Now, I can stroll along the waterfront in peace. And don’t think I’ve forgotten your little gift. Go on upstairs, dear.
  • That will never wash. Never, Never, Never.
  • She wouldn’t put the crackers on the right side of the tray so we sacked her.

I have not yet finished the game, so I haven’t figured everything out yet. I thought this was a nice place to gather all of my thoughts. What were your first impressions about Granny Rags? No Spoilers!