The Target #Kickstarter Launched-Mobile Team Based Strategy FPS

The Target is a first person shooter for mobile with a heavy focus on team tactics and battle planning. If all you want to do is kill everything in sight, then this game isn’t for you.

I’m not sure about everyone else, but it sounds like the FPS we’ve all been waiting for. The best part about it? It’s for mobile devices. Meaning you can game while you’re standing in line, eating at a restaurant, or driving. Just kidding, don’t game while you’re driving. I mean, I do, but you shouldn’t.

The Target is being developed by Greater Play– a Michigan based studio with the goal of creating entertaining and educational games for mobile devices. They’ve teamed up with the Game Development Program at Michigan State University to allow students to gain first hand experience creating a game. One of their goals is to hire graduates of the program as permanent members of the company which is good for gaming and good for the future of game development.

To complete development of The Target, Greater Play and the students of MSU need your help raising funds through their Kickstarter campaign.

The Target is a Free to Play 4v4 strategy game created for iOS and focuses highly on teamwork and planning. You will have the ability to customize your character and armory with an additional feature to rent items from a friend’s inventory.

Along with being a First Person Shooter, you will have other in-game tasks to complete such as lock picking, defusing bombs, and surveillance. These skills will require you to have special equipment and intel that you must purchase.  You will be left vulnerable when completing these, so relying on team support is a must.

Greater Play

The basic outline of the game is as follows: You start out in your safe house where you will receive your missions. Here is where you brainstorm a strategy for your team and split up the objectives to determine who will be responsible for completing each task. You will have to work together the whole time. This isn’t a game where one person can carry the whole team.

Whether you win or lose will depend on completion of objectives, errors, and combat score. The squad with the highest amount of points will receive Elite Status Points which allow you to upgrade your safe house, personalize weapons, and bragging rights that can be posted on your social media sites.

The Target is scheduled to be released within 10 months of receiving funding. They have pledged a goal of $65,000 by July 14, so head over there and help them reach it. The Target will be a Free to Play game, and only $5 will grant you the ability to provide feedback on gameplay ideas and new features.

Help Greater Play reach their stretch goals and open up The Target for Android operating systems as well. I asked Joel Dillingham (CEO, Founder) about possibilities of controller compatibility and he said that’s something they would consider if they reach the correct amount of funding.

You can find out more about The Target as well as contribute to their Kickstarter by visiting their Kickstarter site. Keep up to date with how the game is progressing by liking Greater Play on Facebook and follow @BiasBear on Twitter for news about this and other awesome indie games!