The Viral Appeal Of Zombie Games

In today’s gaming environment, the zombie genre is slowly crowding on itself. Thanks to the popularity of zombies in games, TV and movies, there are a whole lot of different types of zombie games. There are first person shooter zombie games, as well as 2D scrolling games, and platform zombie games. The level of creativity has not been lacking, but at some point, you would be wondering whether every zombie movie would also have game tie-in. “Cockneys vs. Zombies, the Game”, anyone?

The premise is ripe for gaming. Whether this is for arcade type games, for consoles, or game boxes with controllers or tablets with gyroscopes and accelerometers, there are a lot that can be done with zombies. The living dead, has a special appeal. Unlike mummies, zombies can bite and spread their condition. Since they are already dead, the game can have these zombies virtually invincible. You really have to destroy these mindless drones in order to get them out of the game.

It’s Time for Zombie Games

The genre also caters to a wide audience or user demographics. You can have side-scrolling zombies on your tablet gobbling up every person it meets, in a comical childish sort of drawing. It’s still gory but dumbed down for kids. This is not much different from Mario and his mushrooms, actually. Same concepts, get an item, make sure you don’t fall into a pit, jump and kick things around. But only instead of a plumber, it’s a horde of zombies.

Zombie games are supposed to be literally zombie games, in the sense that these are mindless, with simple onscreen opponents. Maybe initially, the appeal has been the mindless way the zombies go after the game’s main character, or how the player can easily control the zombies, but at some point, there has to be more appeal to it than that. For top quality first person shooters, the advancement of graphics engines, which has led to great shadows and textures, makes for a very engrossing atmosphere. Couple that with great music and any game would be a winner. But ultimately, what a game, especially a hackneyed theme like a zombie game, needs is an engrossing story with advanced levels of creativity and difficulty in game play to keep the gaming population happy.

Get Ready for HD Games

With HDMI ports coming out and becoming standard features on new hardware releases, expect full HD videos on top of any software and OS enhancements.

With new platforms, and better graphics processors all around, from smart phones, tablets, consoles and personal computers, the inherent challenge of the new hardware is self-evident. New releases and updates will try to fulfill the graphics cards promise of better looking video. Expect more and better game play as well as innovative intros and videos which would make zombies leap out of the monitor for that added kick.

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