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Tomb Raider Walkthrough-Intro Sequence, Force of Will, and Boobs

The walkthrough for the first half hour of Tomb Raider.

When Lara first comes to:

  • Move left and right until the cocoon beside you catches on fire causing the pillar to catch on fire.
  • Move back and forth until towards the pillar until your cocoon catches on fire.
  • Walk into the room with the body, and grab a torch from the wall
  • Light the pile of debris in the next room on fire

After your fire goes out:

  • Relight your torch in that room using the only source of fire you see
  • Climb up on the platform to your left and light the cloth on fire causing the debris in front of you to explode
  • Jump down from that platform and climb up to where the debris was blown up
  • Fight with the mysterious man and continue on your way

Room with the weird contraption:

  • Go under the waterfall and relight your torch
  • Light the cloth around the pillars right in front of you causing the platform to raise into the air
  • Light the debris that starts to pile up in the water next to you
  • Go up and around the walkway and jump up onto the platform you just raised causing the debris to get dropped into the metal cage.
  • Walk up to the metal cage until you get the option to push it causing the firey debris to go down the shoot and make explosions

Final push out:

  • Really simple, just run and jump
  • You’ll meet the mystery man once more. Struggle with him and be ready to push Y (xbox) when the big circle meets the little circle
  • Trigger Mash to climb out of the cave while also dodging the rocks.
  • Yay, you got out. Celebrate.


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